The Problem with Girls!

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Denver was lost in thought. He was so confused, as he looked straight ahead. After awhile he turned to his trusty dog Puddles  and poured out his little heart.

“I don’t understand girls, Puddles! They just so plumb crazy! Susie acted like she liked me, she even gave me a note. In the note she asked me if I liked her and wanted me to either check the “yes” box or the “no” one. Well I thought and I thought, and I checked both boxes, for sometimes I like her and sometimes I don’t!

Sometimes she is real sweet and shares her cookies with me at lunch, that’s when I like her.

Sometimes she can be so loud! One time my frog jumped out of my pocket and onto her head. She screamed so loud, my frog jumped off her head and hopped away! I didn’t like her then!

Other times she let me be the first one to hold her little puppy. The whole class looked at me with envy and I just grinned and grinned. I liked her real fine that time!

Then there was the time that she and her friend Cindy Lou were whispering and giggling by the tree. They kept looking at me and giggling some more. My face was blushing red. Why did girls giggle so much and why were they looking at me! Billy noticed my red face when he came walking by and saw they laughing and looking at me and  he laughed at me too. I sure didn’t like her that time!

So Puddles, don’t you see, I was just being honest when I checked both boxes. I handed her the paper and watched her go read it by the tree.  Then I saw her coming marching over to me with her hands on her hips.  She wanted to know what I meant when I checked “No”.  Well golly gee, I told her I meant “No”, why else would I have checked it?

Apparently that was the wrong answer for she got all red in the face and called me a name, while stomping away. Didn’t she see that I had checked “Yes” too?

Oh Puddles,  I really don’t get girls at all! They just so darn confusing!

Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! Some movies recently have come up in conversation with friends of mine, so I thought I would do a little “scientific” poll among all of you. Any of you that want to participate that is. My all time favorite movie, hands down, would be “The Sound of Music!” I started watching it with my family when I was little and basically grew up with it. Every year around Christmas time we would gather around the TV to watch it. It is one of those movies that never grows old, and warms my heart every time. What is yours?

There are many types of movies that I do like, and two of them came up in conversation. One was a movie from back in my teen years, “Dirty Dancing” with Patrick Swayzee, my sister and I would watch it and dream. How many of you remember it?  The other one is more recent, “Mama Mia!” The great music and the beauty of the ocean in the movie, just makes one go “Ahhh!” I will admit though that if “ABBA” would have been singing their own songs the movie would have been even better!  Your thoughts?  While you are thinking, enjoy the quotes, pick a favorite one or 2,  and may they bring a smile, and lift your heart on day number ???? of lockdown!


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Farewell Anna!

Yesterday’s post, The Clue that Answered All! apparently didn’t  answer all, so here we are again! If you have been following Anna’s story from the very beginning, I am sure that it comes as no surprise to you that yesterday’s post wasn’t really the end. I hope you now enjoy hearing the climax of the Anna/Tanya mystery.


They were getting close to shore. Tanya had her back turned, and was oblivious to what awaited her. Tanya rubbed her hand down Patrick’s muscular arm as she looked him in the eye, asking if he wanted to come into her cottage when they arrived.

Almost reaching the shore, Tanya turned around and her face went ashen at the sight of Luke in his cop uniform.  She turned towards Patrick. “You know who I really am, you set me up!” she spat out in an icy tone.

“I guess, you aren’t going to invite me into your cottage after all?” Patrick said. “By the way, thanks for the back massage, it felt great …. Anna!”

Tanya’s face got beet red as she slapped Patrick on the cheek and jumped into the water. Patrick was stunned for a moment, then he watched her in the water. He wasn’t exactly sure where she was planning on swimming too, so he wasn’t in a hurry to jump in and grab her. He was a strong swimmer, it wouldn’t take long to overtake her. He steered the boat into shore and docked it, then jumped into the water. Within 10 minutes he had caught up to her and grabbed her around the waist. She flailed some, but she knew it was no use, so she slapped his cheek again. He was going to be more than happy to turn her over to Luke! Let him deal with this crazy girl!

“Hey cous!” said Patrick as he got out of the water carrying a struggling Anna. “Care to help me out?”

In no time, Luke had the cuffs on Anna and was reading her rights.

“Good Luck with her”, said Patrick, “She is a feisty one!”

“You are coming with me, I can’t take her by myself, you know the rules. You are the FBI guy. ” Luke replied.

“You didn’t bring any other officers along?” ”

“No, I figured we could handle it.”

Patrick smiled, ” Well it has been a while since I saw your wonderful family,  so sure I will come along with you and little Miss. Sourpuss.”

Anna gave a frosty glare.

Luke shook his head, ” You better watch it, you want her to leave more marks on your cheek?”

“Ha! She is in cuffs now, can’t touch me! She sure did enjoy touching me earlier in the day though.” he said, with a smirk.

Anna’s face was getting redder by the minute. Luke gave him a look, and Patrick stopped. He knew he had said enough, and that he probably shouldn’t have said those things, but it had felt good.

It was dark by the time they got to Luke’s house. Anna would have to stay there for the night, they would transfer her to the jail tomorrow. Luke didn’t want her in the house, so he had made up a little bed for her in the barn. He would padlock the door shut.

When he walked in to the barn with her Betsy let out a loud MOO,  which made Anna jump, as she remembered the nightmares she had back at the cottage about Betsy. It felt like Betsy’s eyes were looking right through her.  Made a chill run through her. She wasn’t watching where she walked, stepped right on Portia’s tail. Portia let out a loud squeal as Anna turned to see a pot bellied pig staring back at her.

Charlie the Chicken was being quiet for once in his little corner, observing everything closely. Anna had been delivered right to them! Tonight would be fun! They would get justice for their dear friend, the “Chicken Man!”

Luke asked Anna if she was hungry, but she refused.  She didn’t want any hot milk either to help her sleep, which Luke had offered. He knew she was a criminal, but  he still had a genuine, kind heart.

“Well try to get some sleep. We will leave after a hot breakfast tomorrow.  Goodnight.”

There was no reply.

Luke patted Betsy, Portia and Charlie goodnight.  He couldn’t pinpoint it, but there was something in their eyes that he thought looked strange.

Back in the house, Annie was loving being with Patrick again, and showing off her new baby brother. Patrick held him in his arms, such a precious bundle of joy.  He hoped that someday he would get to hold a baby of his own. Little Lance smiled up at him and his heart melted.

Early the next morning Luke went out to take Anna some breakfast. He opened the barn and Anna came rushing out knocking him down,and the food went flying!

“Take me to the jail NOW!” she cried!

“Get me away from here and far, far away from these animals!” She bolted from Luke and jumped into his squad car. Patrick had run out of the house due to the screaming and watched in wide eyed amazement at Anna being in hysterics.

Luke looked in the barn and Betsy stared back at him with Charlie sitting on her back. They had become great friends after all. Portia was contently chewing on a corn cob. Luke wasn’t sure but he could have sworn that it looked like they all were smirking!

He shut the door and started walking away. Was that singing he heard? It was the strangest singing he had ever heard, but it was coming from the barn. He opened the door and all was quiet, closed it and walked away, sure enough it started again. It sounded like Betsy, but since when did cows sing!

He got in the squad car, Patrick was already in the other seat. They were ready to get Anna to jail and get back home again. They were all going to have a picnic by the creek , under the Weeping Willow tree. Luke smiled, Anna had been caught and all was well once again. The windows in the squad car were open and as he pulled away, there was loud squalling from the barn.

“What is that sound?” asked Anna.

“Just Betsy singing you a farewell song,” Luke said, and down the road they went, to the sound of Patrick’s laughter.



The Clue that Answered All!

Tanya was filled with excitement and some trepidation, but she was trying to ignore that feeling. She was going to meet Patrick today for a boat ride.

She had waited a week to call him, she hadn’t wanted to appear too anxious about going diving to see the cave. She had also felt awkward, being that she had run out on him when at the cafe. He had put her awkwardness to rest though, when she called, for he sounded genuinely happy to hear from her. He was thoughtful as he asked her if she was feeling better and she assured him that she was. She asked about going diving to see the cave and was at first disappointed when he had said no, but was touched by the offer he made.

He invited her to come out for the afternoon on his boat. He said he would provide lunch, all she needed to do was show up with sunscreen, ready to enjoy some time at sea. How could she refuse that?  Would he really be so kind to her, if he knew who she really was?  She had been afraid that the authorities would show up at her door any second, but had convinced herself not to run, and each day she found it easier to breathe. Surely if Luke would have said something to him or they would have suspected something, there would have been police knocking at her door by now.

She had 3 bathing suits laying on her bed, trying to decide which one to choose. Once again she told herself that Patrick was just a nice guy, that she couldn’t have a relationship right now.  It didn’t hurt anything though to look nice for him, and she smiled as she picked out her bright tangerine bikini to wear. Should look nice against her tan skin.

Tanya wondered if Patrick did have gold from his last dive to the cave. Perhaps if she did try to get close to him, she could get her hands on more gold! The gold she took from the “Chicken Man”  may soon run out. Her heart started skipping, as she sprayed some “Temptation” perfume behind her ear. and a plan began to form in her head.

Patrick looked at her asleep on the boat. She looked like she didn’t have a care in the world, and she had acted like it when she was awake. He had rolled his eyes whenever her back was turned, at her flirtatious behavior. When he wasn’t quite sure of who she was, he did think she was a pretty girl, but now that he knew the truth, he wasn’t tempted in the least. He had known the “Chicken Man”, the couple times that he had visited Luke. Always a friendly guy, perhaps a little cuckoo with his talking chicken, but it really was terrible what had happened to him!

When discussing with Luke on the phone how to prove if Tanya really was Anna, Luke brought up a tattoo that she had on her back. Patrick wondered how he might get to see it, but after today he didn’t have to wonder any longer. Her little tangerine bikini showed off her tan, and the tattoo in the center of her back.

Patrick smiled as he put his sunglasses on. Tanya was slowly stirring. He moved closer to her and slowly stroked his fingers down her side. She jumped, letting out a giggle as she opened her eyes.

“Oh that tickles!” Tanya said, playfully batting his hand away. He grabbed her hand while taking his other hand and tickling her bare feet.

Two can play at this flirtatious game he thought to himself. Besides, what did it hurt to have her get some laughter now, for when she saw her cottage surrounded by police tonight, she wouldn’t be laughing!

She wouldn’t be laughing, but at least for Patrick, Luke and the town of Borden  all their questions were now answered and things could be peaceful once again.


Forever and Always!

My “baby” is a Senior, graduation day would have been this coming Friday, but ….  like graduations across the US, COVID-19 has prevented them from happening. COVID can’t keep this Mom from being sentimental though. So if you need a break from the pandemic craziness and want to take a walk on the sentimental side, enjoy this short video clip of a book that I read to my children countless times.

The memory of this book  came to me as I was thinking  of him graduating and remembering when I took him for Kindergarten registration. I felt so proud as he sat politely and answered the questions and showed what numbers and colors he knew. Then we got up and said goodbye and started walking out of the room when he turned around and looked at the 2 teachers at the registration table and said, “Just so you know… I am NOT going to kindergarten, I am staying home. Turned around and started walking away as I now was left with a touch of redness in my face. Oh how the years have have flown, he did go to kindergarten and has excelled in school and I couldn’t be more proud!



Who Was She?

I really can’t believe that I find myself continuing this saga of Anna who is now Tanya, but …. it just keeps going. Thanks to all of you who continue to enjoy her story, and to those of who make it hard to stop the story! If you missed the last part, here is the link.To Dive or Not to Dive?

What was she to do?? She felt herself slump to the floor in the corner of the restroom and she put her face into her hands. Perhaps it wasn’t the same Luke, there had to be other Luke’s out there who lived on a farm and had strange cows named Betsy, right? Tanya groaned, she knew it was Luke and soon her whole cover would be blown! She sighed, she knew what she had to do.

Patrick was stirring his spoon around in his empty cup staring straight ahead. He didn’t even notice Tanya coming back to the table, until she touched his arm.

“Thanks for lunch, but I am sorry I have to leave, I am really not feeling too good.” she said, as she looked directly into Patrick’s dark brown eyes. Tanya didn’t have to pretend to make a sad expression, she really was upset. If things would be different, she may have enjoyed getting to know Patrick. She liked the way his dimples showed when he smiled, but he wasn’t smiling now.

Patrick nodded his head, mumbled a short goodbye and went back to stirring his spoon around in the empty cup, wearing a somber expression.

Tanya stood there for a moment, something was definitely wrong. What had happened between the time she was in the restroom and now she wondered. It was then that she noticed his cell phone on the table. The screen had the words. “Call from Luke”  displayed on it. Patrick turned his head ever so slightly towards her and looked into her eyes. This time she felt pierced by his gaze. She turned away without a word and ran out of the restaurant.

Tanya’s arms were growing so tired, she was rowing faster than she ever had before. She had to get back to her cottage quickly, grab her things and leave. Leave the island that had just started feeling like home to her. She really didn’t want to leave, she loved living by the sea, but she had no choice or did she?

Perhaps Patrick hadn’t told Luke about her and maybe his somber look was for a totally different reason. Tanya knew she had an overactive imagination, maybe she shouldn’t run. Is that what her life was going to be like, running every time she got spooked?

She slowed down her rowing and let herself drift for awhile. What were the chances that Luke would ever think to look for her here? Why shouldn’t she go diving with Patrick? That cave really did pique her interest, she couldn’t leave without going there.

Tanya smiled and let herself breath easier. She wasn’t going to panic anymore. She would call Patrick up tomorrow and make plans for their cave adventure.

Later that night Patrick was sitting at home in his overstuffed recliner. He was trying to relax with a movie, but his mind was consumed with his earlier conversation with Luke.

There were things that they still weren’t 100 percent sure of, but if their hunches were correct than Miss.Tanya’s life was soon going to change.

It was a shame really, Patrick did like the girl, but they had to do what they had to do.

First though they had to prove that she was really Anna and not Tanya. Would their plan work?









Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Happy AP Calculus Test Day! My Senior has to take his exam today and was surprised early this morning by a special delivery left on our doorstep. A small box of donuts with 2 letters. One letter to him and his class, wishing them well on the online exam today and saying how if they had walked into class this morning the song “The Eye of the Tiger” would be playing. It went on to talk about how this year didn’t go as planned, but that’s the way it is with life and went on with words of encouragement. Then the 2nd letter was a personal encouragement one to him. So very thoughtful!! I applaud that teacher and her heart! She is a wonderful example of what makes teachers so special!

You may not have received a note on your doorstep, and sadly no donuts either, but I hope you can feel encouraged today in some special way!



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The Hidden Beauty


Thanks for letting me use this picture Jason. For more great pictures from Jason, visit his blog


Jason has shown different shots of this dead tree on his blog and each time I see it, there is something about the tree that draws me in. He displays a lot of beautiful photos on his blog of flowers and lakes, and stars in the sky, but this dead tree stands out to me. Why? I figured it out today.

As I was sitting and reflecting on all the wonderful moments with my children over the years, there were moments that kept coming back to me. Yes, there were the moments when they were little and threw their little arms around me neck and squeezed me so tight while kissing my cheek, making my heart burst. The moments they brought me their little drawings or flowers that they picked. How many times did I put dandelions in a little cup of water?

The moments that they snuggled close to me while reading them a bedtime story and we kept blowing kisses as I would walk out of the door. I found out many years later that they kept blowing me kisses even when the door was closed, praying that I would feel them.

All those moments and more, I will forever cherish, for they warm my heart. They make me feel so rich in getting to experience the blessing of Motherhood, but …..

There are other moments as well. The moments that our tear stained cheeks were pressed against each other, and my heart was breaking, because I couldn’t stop the pain. I could only hold them. These moments are forever pressed into my heart, and they really are some of the most precious moments too. For in the rawness their is beauty. There is beauty in being real!

I never want my family and friends to feel like they have to pretend that all is fine and dandy. That everything is blooming and beautiful! I want them to be real. For their is beauty in knowing they trust me with their pain, and their “ugly” moments of life.

The bond is made ever so stronger when you can lean on someone for strength, pour out your heart and know they still accept you. When all masks all dropped and there is no cover up to hide the blemishes.

So perhaps this is why I am so drawn to that dead tree, because to me it signifies the raw, moments in my life. The moments that outwardly have not appeared to be very beautiful, but yet in those moments I have found a very special beauty. The beauty of friendship and love that withstands the storms of life, and keeps standing, just like this tree!



To Dive or Not to Dive?

This story follows Wednesday’s post, here is a link, in case you missed it. Surprise at Sea


Tanya arrived back at her cottage and her mind was whirling. What had she just agreed to do? Why did she agree to meet Patrick for lunch? She did love seafood, but she is sure that he will expect to engage in conversation during the meal! Is she supposed to just keep her mouth stuffed with food the whole time?

She had nothing against Patrick, he seemed like a nice enough guy, but what if he asked questions about where she was from and her life before she moved here ? So far she had been pretty good at managing to avoid people and those possible questions, but today she may have to come with up something.

What should she wear? Nothing fancy, but she did want to look nice. Not that she was trying to impress Patrick at all, though he was kind of cute, but …. no, she couldn’t complicate her life with a romance right now!

Her eyes fell on her coral sundress hanging in her closet. That would be fine. She had some cute seashell earrings that would go perfectly with it and a pair of white sandals. It didn’t take her very long to get ready.  Taking a look in the mirror she took a deep breath, she may look put together on the outside, but her stomach was all in knots.

She wouldn’t have agreed to lunch if he wouldn’t have mentioned about finding gold in the cave! That is what made her turn her head and change her mind! Gold! Like the gold that Luke had shared with his friends. The gold that he had given to the “Chicken Man” ? Tanya’s thoughts began to drift back to that night.

No, she couldn’t let herself go there, the past was in the past. She had to start thinking about what she was going to tell Patrick if he wanted to know about her. She grabbed her purse and got into her boat, deciding she would think as she rowed.

Patrick was standing at the entrance to the cafe when she arrived. He smiled when he saw her and she felt a warm feeling shoot through her.

“HI! I like the dress. ”

“Thank you” Tanya replied, at the same time wondering to herself if she should turn around and go back to her cottage.

She followed him to a little table for two out on the deck near the water.

She busied herself with looking at the menu.

When the waitress came, Tanya ordered some oyster stew with a crab sandwich and Patrick ordered  fried oysters.

Once the waitress left Tanya asked Patrick a question, not giving him a chance to ask her one first.

“So please do tell me more about this cave? ”

“Well, legend has it that a very long, long time ago there was a young, rich ruler. He had lots of gold, but was very greedy and scared that people would steal from him. In order to protect his gold he found this heart shaped cave and thought it would be the perfect place to hide his riches.”

Tanya leaned forward, with her interest growing. “Has anyone ever found the gold?”

Patrick smiled, “No one really knows. People have explored it the cave, but no one will tell if they found gold or not. Do you want to give it at try? It is a very big cave.”

Tanya was thinking of how nice it would be to have more gold. Oh she definitely had to check out this cave.

“My cousin and I explored the cave once several years ago.” Patrick said smiling.

Tanya felt like he was wanting her to ask if they found gold. She was very curious, but she wasn’t going to let him have that satisfaction.

“Sounds like a great adventure, I am up to it, when do we go?” Tanya replied with a coy smile as she raised her eyebrows.

Patrick’s cell phone started buzzing. He briefly looked at it and then back at Tanya.

“Sorry about that, I thought I had it on silent. It was a text from my cousin Luke. He is a farmer, just came in from milking his favorite cow, Betsy,  and wanted to chat. I tell ya, she is one strange cow, but my cousin really likes her. I just have never quite met a cow like her. He also has a chicken that he says talks, have you ever heard of such a thing. I think my cousin may be a little cuckoo…” he said, as he was laughing.

“Oh my,  here I am gabbing away and  you are sitting there not looking too good. Are you okay? You are looking a little pale.”

Tanya was shaking as she replied, “Umm…sorry.. can you excuse me for a moment?”

Patrick’s eyes followed her as she walked quickly to the restroom. He sat still for a moment and then picked up his phone and texted back his cousin Luke.