What is happening?



 …  No matter how big … no matter what color … no matter what gender …  no matter what faith … A person’s a person! 

My heart is with the family and friends of George Floyd today. Sadly another case of police abusing their power, resulting in a fatality! For those of you who don’t know the story, George was accused of trying to pass off a counterfeit bill at a store. The store owner called the police and the store owner’s son said that George did not resist arrest, and he was not armed! 4 cops were at the scene. One cop had him on his stomach on the ground and his knees planted on the the guy’s neck. He told the cop he couldn’t breathe, to please take his knees off of him. The cop didn’t and within minutes  George passed out and died. All of it was caught on video.

Police are supposed to uphold the law and protect its citizens! Today family and friends mourn because police once again did not do that! These incidents against black people by police are becoming far too frequent and its an outrage!! Since when have we gone back in time?? ALL lives matter!!



16 thoughts on “What is happening?

  1. Watching the video, I didn’t understand why he couldn’t be handcuffed while they had him on the ground. Holding that knee on his neck seemed unnecessary. Especially for five long minutes. The cops have been fired, but if they had been anyone else, they’d be in jail now.

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  2. I spent 27 years of my life being a cop. We never resorted to tactics like that. I watched this coming about as I was retiring in 1997. Agencies gearing up in military gear, hiring returning veterans from the current conflicts. With them, came the new “techniques” and ideas.

    Gone are the Police. Replaced by soldiers, in disguise. The attitude comes with the battle outfits they are wearing.

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