The Clue that Answered All!

Tanya was filled with excitement and some trepidation, but she was trying to ignore that feeling. She was going to meet Patrick today for a boat ride.

She had waited a week to call him, she hadn’t wanted to appear too anxious about going diving to see the cave. She had also felt awkward, being that she had run out on him when at the cafe. He had put her awkwardness to rest though, when she called, for he sounded genuinely happy to hear from her. He was thoughtful as he asked her if she was feeling better and she assured him that she was. She asked about going diving to see the cave and was at first disappointed when he had said no, but was touched by the offer he made.

He invited her to come out for the afternoon on his boat. He said he would provide lunch, all she needed to do was show up with sunscreen, ready to enjoy some time at sea. How could she refuse that?  Would he really be so kind to her, if he knew who she really was?  She had been afraid that the authorities would show up at her door any second, but had convinced herself not to run, and each day she found it easier to breathe. Surely if Luke would have said something to him or they would have suspected something, there would have been police knocking at her door by now.

She had 3 bathing suits laying on her bed, trying to decide which one to choose. Once again she told herself that Patrick was just a nice guy, that she couldn’t have a relationship right now.  It didn’t hurt anything though to look nice for him, and she smiled as she picked out her bright tangerine bikini to wear. Should look nice against her tan skin.

Tanya wondered if Patrick did have gold from his last dive to the cave. Perhaps if she did try to get close to him, she could get her hands on more gold! The gold she took from the “Chicken Man”  may soon run out. Her heart started skipping, as she sprayed some “Temptation” perfume behind her ear. and a plan began to form in her head.

Patrick looked at her asleep on the boat. She looked like she didn’t have a care in the world, and she had acted like it when she was awake. He had rolled his eyes whenever her back was turned, at her flirtatious behavior. When he wasn’t quite sure of who she was, he did think she was a pretty girl, but now that he knew the truth, he wasn’t tempted in the least. He had known the “Chicken Man”, the couple times that he had visited Luke. Always a friendly guy, perhaps a little cuckoo with his talking chicken, but it really was terrible what had happened to him!

When discussing with Luke on the phone how to prove if Tanya really was Anna, Luke brought up a tattoo that she had on her back. Patrick wondered how he might get to see it, but after today he didn’t have to wonder any longer. Her little tangerine bikini showed off her tan, and the tattoo in the center of her back.

Patrick smiled as he put his sunglasses on. Tanya was slowly stirring. He moved closer to her and slowly stroked his fingers down her side. She jumped, letting out a giggle as she opened her eyes.

“Oh that tickles!” Tanya said, playfully batting his hand away. He grabbed her hand while taking his other hand and tickling her bare feet.

Two can play at this flirtatious game he thought to himself. Besides, what did it hurt to have her get some laughter now, for when she saw her cottage surrounded by police tonight, she wouldn’t be laughing!

She wouldn’t be laughing, but at least for Patrick, Luke and the town of Borden  all their questions were now answered and things could be peaceful once again.


113 thoughts on “The Clue that Answered All!

  1. Is the mayor named Lizzie?
    Tanya, I mean Annie, I mean Anna, will not be so easily captured. She’ll convince Patrick to take her to his house. Patrick will get excited, and decide to delay calling the police until after he’s had his fling with her. But then he’ll fall asleep after the fling, as all men are wont to do, and Anna will find his gold. Then she’ll ensure that Patrick never wakes up.

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  2. Hmmmm … you said this was the conclusion, but … as they say in … somewhere … “It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings”. So … we must see what happens when Patrick and Anna/Tanya return to shore, for Tippy has opened some doors … and we must find out what happens to her. PLUS … I’m still curious about Luke, Annie, and … what’s-her-name! So now, dear Carolyn, you are definitely NOT done yet! 😎

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