Forever and Always!

My “baby” is a Senior, graduation day would have been this coming Friday, but ….  like graduations across the US, COVID-19 has prevented them from happening. COVID can’t keep this Mom from being sentimental though. So if you need a break from the pandemic craziness and want to take a walk on the sentimental side, enjoy this short video clip of a book that I read to my children countless times.

The memory of this book  came to me as I was thinking  of him graduating and remembering when I took him for Kindergarten registration. I felt so proud as he sat politely and answered the questions and showed what numbers and colors he knew. Then we got up and said goodbye and started walking out of the room when he turned around and looked at the 2 teachers at the registration table and said, “Just so you know… I am NOT going to kindergarten, I am staying home. Turned around and started walking away as I now was left with a touch of redness in my face. Oh how the years have have flown, he did go to kindergarten and has excelled in school and I couldn’t be more proud!



17 thoughts on “Forever and Always!

  1. Was that corny video supposed to leave me with a lump in my throat? Well it didn’t. Not really. Well, maybe just a little lump. Could have been bigger but I doubt it.
    I didn’t want to go to kindergarten, either. On my first day of class I was told to stand in front of the class and introduce myself. So I stood in front of the class and then turned my back on everyone. I guess I was shy and just wanted the hell out of there.
    Why don’t you hold a graduation ceremony for your son, online? I’m sure we’d all love to wish him a Happy Graduation.

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    • Thanks! You are right it is a huge milestone! We will figure out something. He is one who doesn’t like a big fuss made over him, very low key. He tells me I an more upset by him not having a formal ceremony than he is. 🙂

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