Surprise at Sea

Tanya listened to the waves as she was on her boat. She hoped that she was remembering Patrick’s directions accurately when he had told her about the location of the heart shaped cave. It was a beautiful day to be out on the water. The sky was a lovely azure blue and she was feeling good. She was ready to go exploring under the sea.

What was that sound interrupting the peacefulness of the sea? Tanya looked and saw a speeding boat coming her way. The boat was huge and they were coming so fast, like they didn’t even see her!

Patrick couldn’t get that new girl out of his mind. The town was small and it wasn’t like they had new people come into town very much, so it hadn’t been hard to spot her when he had first seen her. She had made about 3 trips into town so far and each time he tried to talk to her and get to know her a bit. She really wasn’t a talker. It was like pulling teeth to get any words out of her, but she didn’t strike him as the shy type. He was thinking that there  was another reason she was being quiet. He couldn’t pinpoint it, but he was intrigued and wanted to keep talking to her.

Her eyes had lit up when he was talking about the undersea cave to her. it was the first time that she really appeared interested in anything he was saying.  Perhaps next time he saw her he would invite her out on his boat with him. Maybe being out on the open sea with the calming waves would help her feel more at ease and perhaps conversation could flow more smoothly.

There was nothing he liked more than being out on his boat on the crystal blue shining water. The weather was perfect today, he was glad that he had decided to come out today.

What was that up ahead? It looked like someone had fallen out of their boat and was hanging onto it!

As he got closer to the boat, he was shocked to see that it was Tanya! She might have been really quiet in town but she was sure saying a lot of words now! When his boat got up right beside her, her face turned a shade of pink as recognition dawned on her.

“Do you need some help?” he asked? She shook her head as she managed to climb into her boat.

“Thanks, but I will be fine, though my plans are ruined for the day. Thanks to the speed boat that almost hit me, all my diving gear fell into the water when the boat flipped!”

“Oh, you were going diving today, alone?”

Tanya gave him a look, “Yes, alone, just me and the sea.”

“You do know that is not  really safe, right? Especially from what I have gathered from you before, you aren’t a real experienced diver, correct?”

Tanya grabbed her paddles and started to row away.

“Hey, not so fast! We can get you some new gear, and I would be glad to take you some time. Why don’t you go home and get out of your wet clothes and meet me for lunch later in town at the Pearl of the Sea Cafe? They have the best oysters!”

Tanya shook her head, “No thanks, I …”

Patrick interrupted, ” I could tell you about the legend of the heart shaped cave? There is believed to be hidden gold down there.”

Hidden gold… thought Tanya. That reminded her of something! She smiled as she looked at Patrick. “I am feeling rather hungry after my little spontaneous swim”, she rolled her eyes, but Patrick caught the glint of a smile.

“I will meet you there at 1.”

“Sounds good!” Patrick replied, as he watched her row away. He was going to add that he hoped she managed to stay in the boat this time, but thought again and had bit his tongue. He wondered what lunch would be like. What was it about her that intrigued him?  He usually kept to himself, but here he had gone and invited her to lunch! If they were going to be diving together though, he may as well start getting to know her. What was she thinking attempting to dive alone? How crazy was she? He shook his his head. How crazy was he, at wanting to get to know her? He guessed that answer remained to be seen.




62 thoughts on “Surprise at Sea

  1. This appears to be a good love match. We have a reckless boater dating a clueless diver. But I suspect that after she and Patrick discover the gold, only one diver will be surfacing, and it won’t be Patrick.

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    • Oooh you are trying, aren’t you! I have no idea who was driving the speeding boat BUT I am pretty confident it was not Betsy the cow! So sorry to disappoint you. 🙂


              • A possible next chapter in your story….

                Tanya once again walked into Yee Olde Crusty Diving Shoppe in town to purchase once again some diving equipment.

                The shopkeeper was a bit surprised that she wanted another set of equipment. “as a matter of fact” he said “I have been selling a lot of diving equipment in recent days. In fact I had cow in here buying some equipment just yesterday evening.”

                “Hmm, can you describe the cow?” Tanya asked with a hint of concern in her tone.

                “Well, the cow had a very sweet demeanor,” the shopkeeper started “but there was something not quite right with her. She looked around nervously and asked if anyone else new to town had been recently been doing any diving.”

                “Did you mention me to her!” Tanya nearly shouted.

                “No, not particularly. I told her we have lots of visitors in town that like to go diving.” The shopkeeper said.

                Tanya released a deep breath that she didn’t realize she was holding.

                The shopkeeper, seeming to take no notice of Tanya’s distress, went on “The cow paid for her purchase quickly and headed off toward the boat rental and that’s the last I saw of her.”

                Tanya knew that there must be something secret in the underwater cave that Betsy would do her best to get to first. Tanya’s curiosity was no piqued, but she knew that she would have to be very cautious now. After all, she would clearly be no match for Betsy while diving as Betsy will have on twice as many swim fins on her four feet!!!

                But Tanya had a plan that had begun to develop. She smiled to herself and headed down to the feed store.

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