Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Taco Tuesday! Who is all having tacos tonight? Tacos with chips and salsa, Yum! Add some rice with it and I am ready for supper.

I was just chatting with my sister-in-law this morning and she told me about what she had heard on the news. In Utah, a 5 year old boy decided to take the family car out on a errand! He pulled onto the interstate and was weaving and swerving so badly that a cop pulled him over. The cop was thinking that he was either going to find someone who was drunk or having medical problems. He was in for a big shock when he found a little boy behind the wheel. Apparently he was on his way to buy a Lamborghini with the 3 dollars that he had on him.Β  Cars have really went down in price apparently! πŸ™‚ Very glad the cop found him before he had an accident!!

Have an adventure today, but nothing dangerous, OK! Enjoy the quotes and give away a smile today!


  1. wp-1588684666494.jpg
  2. wp-1588684626006.jpg
  3. wp-1588684609650.jpg
  4. wp-1588684648407.jpg
  5. wp-1588684586975.jpg
  6. 83b011b4768f238b362c9611f6b8c37b
  7. 42215677_2238643999540082_4678508468238286848_n-768x642-1
  8. 150aa9479016017bae90bcc772aef72e
  9. c8bbb5e9f99678a01b25fb987a96b308
  10. ac5b4de1b29ff46ec1a32744399f9ecb

34 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

    • I may have a wild imagination, but believe me I don’t always make the best use of it either. I can easily let my imagination go the anxiety route at times. But hey, you just keep thinking about Tanya and what awaits her in that cave in the sea. Use your imagination that way. πŸ™‚

      Glad Number 9 spoke to you. I think my problem is that I know things I need to let go of, its just the actual process of doing it that is the problem!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Right now especially I think its easy for our imagination to do overtime with anxiety!

      LOL about the cow bait! I couldn’t help that the quote had a cow pic. πŸ™‚
      Then I did see a quote with the cutest little cows on it and it talked about them being really lovable. I was tempted!


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