Dr.Seuss Solving the Confusion?

I thought this post may need a small introduction. Back in February I wrote a story that I thought would just be one simple story. I was totally wrong! The story was A Mama for Anna

The story has kept going and going! The story has had a lot of twists and turns and has caused a bit of confusion. In an effort to help bring some clarification I am summing up the whole story thus far in a Dr.Seuss kind of way.  I am definitely no Dr. Seuss, but I do hope that you still enjoy it.


Once upon a time in a land called WhoknowswhereVille, there were 2 little girls. Girl 1 and Girl 2, Anna and Annie, causing great confusion as to Who was Who!

While Annie was sweet, Anna was not, and that just was sad, it was sad by a very lot!

Annie needed a Mama and a Mama she got. This made her so jumping, jollydoodle happy, that now she smiled so often, so very often a lot!

Annie was friends with the “Chicken Man”, but perhaps his real name was Sam. He really liked coffee, he liked it a lot. He could drink it here or there, he could drink it almost anywhere. He could drink it in the barn, he could drink it with a cow. He could drink it in the woods, he could drink it in a tree, or drink it with a bee.

He didn’t have a cat in his hat, but he did have a chicken in his cabin.  He talked to it and it talked to him. Have you ever talked to chickens, and they talk to you? You should give it a try, you might like it, you may, you may like it a lot.

There were 2 other guys that Annie did like. They wore polka dots and stripes, and funny bow ties. They wore hats on their feet and shoes on their head, and socks on their arms. They owned a Fluffer Nutter Shoppe, for they were the nuttiest nuts around. Smiles they gave to many, and many were their friends, they were friends to everyone around.

All was quite fine in this town, until one day the whole town did frown. Whatever had happened, oh what could it be, who could ever have done such an awful deed? The “Chicken Man” who also was Sam had let out his last squawk and no more was to be heard. Not here, not there, not anywhere. His chatterer was silenced forevermore.

Rumor had it that Anna was guilty, not Annie, but Anna, girl 1, not girl 2. Did she really do it, was it really so terribly, awfully truly true?  But if not her, than who?  How loud can a cow moo?

Some say the chicken wielded an axe and that’s what shut the chicken man’s trap, but did you ever see a chicken with an axe? Not me, that is a sight that I surely have never seen.  A chicken with a sax perhaps, or maybe a bax , nax or hax, but never an axe!

One day Anna escaped, and she ran. She ran up, she ran down, she ran all around. Oh how she did run, until a boat she did find, finally sitting her tired body down. Then she rowed and she rowed, and she just kept rowing, til rowing she could do no more.

When at last she reached shore her heart had perhaps grown 3x larger than it was before. No longer did she want to be Anna, but Tanya was the name she now claimed.

She now lives in a cottage and loves the sea, one fish, two fish, … or often more she does see. She has put life as Anna behind her and is making a new start, feeling so very, very smart.

Nothing can bother her, now she is all safe and sound. No safer or sounder could anyone be. She feels free, as she frolics and dives in the sea. Only one thing haunts her, as haunting as can be, why does she keep seeing in her dreams that little white cross by the tree?



73 thoughts on “Dr.Seuss Solving the Confusion?

  1. I think you did a wonderful Dr. Seuss-style piece, and I’m more convinced than ever that you are a writer underneath it all. However … you said, and I quote, “… I am summing up the whole story THUS FAR in a Dr.Seuss kind of way.” [emphasis added] When you say ‘thus far’, it is indicative of the fact that the story is far from over and that you plan to continue. Yes? You guys agree? And … somehow I’m still confused how there came to be two little girls, and how Anna grew up so quickly while Annie is still a little girl?

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