Adventure Awaits!

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The sun streamed through Tanya’s window waking her up early. She looked forward to early mornings. She felt more peaceful in the morning, at night her brain would start overthinking and fears would creep in. Then sometimes she would have the craziest dreams.

A nice, fresh cup of coffee or blueberry tea while she sat outside breathing in the sea air, chased away her night fears. Then she would stretch and get ready to go for a jog. Tanya wanted to stay in shape, and running helped her deal with her anxiety when unpleasant  memories flashed in her mind.

This remote island was the perfect place for her to calm her spirit. She had been to town a couple times now. Still tried to keep a low profile, and not talk to anyone more than she had to while she was there. For the most part it seemed to work, she would just politely say “Hi” and everyone would exchange pleasantries with her and  then go about their business.

Everyone but this one mysterious man, that is. His name was Patrick and he was very friendly.  He always seemed to bump into her when she was in town.  He wore a blue baseball cap on his head. The hair that she did see poke out from under his baseball camp was a nice chestnut brown. It matched his dark brown eyes. He was pleasant but he wasn’t content to just stop at “Hi”, he asked her questions every time that he saw her, trying to get to know her. She didn’t want to be rude, so she would patiently listen to him as he told her about the town. He also talked about the sea. He loved to take his boat out on it. He told her that there was a cave under the sea that he was anxious to explore. The opening of it was told to be shaped like a heart. That peaked her curiosity but she didn’t let on that it did. After a little while, he bid her good day and tipped his hat as he excused himself. She watched him as she walked away and she wondered if she could find a store that sold diving equipment.

Today excitement and a little bit of nervousness stirred inside of her.  She had found a store with diving equipment and had practiced using it for some short dives. She felt like she was ready now to go and find the cave that Patrick talked about. The thought that perhaps it would be wise for her to wait to go with someone did enter her mind, but she pushed it away. What could possibly go wrong?


57 thoughts on “Adventure Awaits!

          • Well now I really am confused. You told us initially that Anna had changed her name, and then some axe wielding chicken got into the story. There was also the emerald blue sky, and all manner of strange people coming from nowhere. Then you brought a gravestone into the story but never told us who or what was under it … or how they got there!

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            • Okay I am going to attempt to explain so listen closely, for I would hate for you to be confused.

              Anna was mistaken for Annie at first since their names were so similar. But then we found out that Anna was at the train station the same day as Annie, and thats why the confusion.

              There was no axe wielding chicken, just a normal, talking chicken that was a pet that belonged to the Chicken Man. The axe wielding part was brought on by some delusional people.

              Annie loved to draw and she was learning her colors which made her one time call the sky “emerald blue”, and it has never been forgotten.

              There was never a gravestone. There was a little white cross which some delusional people insisted was a marker for a grave, and had a body underneath it! Surprisingly they were Wtong! There was gold buried under the little white cross instead.

              All clear now? Always glad to try and help my confused friends. Perhaps it would have been easier to understand if I would have put it in a Dr.Seuss rhyme. 🙂

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  1. “He wore a blue baseball cap on his head. ” Trying to imagine where else he’d wear it.

    “That peaked her curiosity..” I would expect it to pique her curiosity, but maybe her curiosity just reached its apogee at that point.

    “What could possibly go wrong?” What indeed. Knowing what pursues her in her life as well as her dreams. What would mooove her to go it alone?

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    • …mmm…! You go ahead and imagine, put those brain work. I was just covering all the details. 🙂

      “No comment”….. about her curiosity as I sm… I mean shake my head!

      She believes she Betsy pursuing her underwater! Have you ever known of a cow to swim?? 🙂

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  2. I always wondered what happened to Tanya Harding.
    Apparently, after she was disgraced at figure skating, she ran off to an island. Then she bought some diving equipment, because the town idiot made a suggestion about an interesting place to dive that probably doesn’t exist.
    She failed to take any diving lessons and get certification, then disregarded all warnings to never dive alone.
    She dove in the water and left a trail of bubbles that slowly dissipated, then disappeared.
    The End.

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  3. Blueberry tea??? 🤢 I think Patrick is undercover FBI, working on a case involving the disappearance of a female suspect named Anna. No doubt after Patrick threw out that crumb about the cave with the heart-shaped entrance, he closely monitored the customers going into and out of the only store in town that sold diving equipment, and he now has Anna … er, um … Tanya … in his sights. What could possibly go wrong for Tanya, indeed? Stay tuned …

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