Friday’s Super Short Stories!

There may be no traffic jams on the interstate but internet traffic is quite busy! 

“Think, think, think…”  Perhaps honey is a magic thinking ingredient!


A long, long, long time ago, up on a hill …. 

Get some honey like Pooh Bear and finish the sentence, with as many words as you want. 




70 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Friday’s Super Short Stories are just as thought provoking as Tuesday’s Thoughts are known to be. #1 No argument there! #2 This one got me to thinking about honey and I am going to smear you with some honey trivia…aren’t you glad that you asked? Bees deposit hydrogen peroxide into the honey as they synthesize flower pollen. Added to the fact that honey is naturally acidic, there you have a recipe for antibacterial properties. Honey that we consume is low in water and high in sugar so with the naturally added hydrogen peroxide, bacteria cannot grow on it and it also inhibits the growth of microbes. Humans have loved honey since the Stone Age, as discovered on stone art depicting honey harvesting from 8000 BC. Beeswax has been found on ancient pottery dating back to 7000 BC. Ancient Egyptians offered honey to their gods. Greeks and Romans used honey as a salve for wounds and orally as a treatment for fevers and stomach ailments. Today specific types of honey, such as New Zealand’s Manuka Honey and the Malaysian Tualong Honey, have been thoroughly researched and proven to fight staph and digestive bacteria known to cause peptic ulcers. Valid facts aside, more importantly, it just tastes good! One cannot disagree with the logic of Winnie the Pooh : “And the only reason for making honey is so that I can eat it.” – A. A. Milne. #3 I keep the candle of hope burning by believing that the day will dawn when I can write the page that begins : A long, long, long time ago up on a hill lived a demented pathetic excuse for a president…thanks be, he is gone! Thank-you!

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    • As a lover of bees, I’m fascinated by the honey trivia, but I have one question: where did the bees get the hydrogen peroxide? I thought you could only buy it at the drug store, or did they, perhaps, order it online?


      • If you can find a bee willing to divulge his secret and you understand bee-speak, please enlighten me! I do not know how a bee does it, just that it is a proven fact that he does. That said, if needed it is rather doubtful that a bee is visiting a drug store at present and online deliveries are woefully delayed at present. I know for a fact that the bees are not practicing either safe distancing or following stay-at-home orders, as I see them amongst the flowering bushes outside. Should they (not for whatever reason) have adequate hydrogen peroxide available inside their bodies, or as you suggest be able to obtain it elsewhere, it does not bode well for any honey produced this season…it will not be up to its usual high standards! Thank-you!

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        • Ahhhhh … the bees and I commune regularly once our flowers are in bloom and I am out watering them each morning, so … if we ever get them planted … I shall ask my bee-friends! Well, I’m less worried about the honey than I am about the bees pollinating things like fruit trees and veggies, so hopefully they don’t need the hydrogen peroxide to do that! Maybe you should stock up on honey now, though, for what you find on your store shelves now will be from last year’s batch.

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  2. Always love your comments! Thanks for your facts about honey. I do love honey too. Great for sore throats, and I like it on my cottage cheese. 🙂 I think your best words though were at the very end in response to my 3rd story. YES, I hope for that day too! 🙂

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  3. A long, long, long time ago, up on a hill there was a well. What was a well doing on top of a hill, I couldn’t tell you. But, word had it that the water from the well the best water around and worth the effort of climbing the hill to get. So King Jack, being the thirsty sort, fetched his pail and got his clumsy sister, Princess Jill to travel to this legendary hill to get some of this water.
    When they arrived Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. There was this cow at the well, an untrustworthy looking sort of cow – let’s call her Betsy. Betsy waited for Jack and Jill to fill their pail with the magical water and begin to head back down the hill. A hoof appeared as if from no where and Jack fell down, breaking his crown. The Jill came tumbling down the hill right after.
    These days there is a memorial for Jill at the foot of the hill, erected by her mourning brother King Jack, warning of a mischievous cow that sometimes hangs around the well ruining people’s days.

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  4. A long, long, long time ago, up on a hill, a lone she-wolf lay, waiting for her kindred spirit to arrive. Every night she would bay at the moon, hoping for a response. Until one night, her howl was returned by another … a howl that could only be interpreted as “I’m on my way, Cariad”.

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