The Logical Choice

A shout out to Jo from   Jo was another winner from my little Trivia game, its really easy to win, even if you just randomly guess at the answers.  Her blog is another fun one to follow, sometimes really short stories and other times just sharing her encouraging thoughts where she will end the post with a question for you to think about.

She suggested that I pick my favorite god/goddess from Greek mythology and explain why I identify with them! I do have creative readers. I had to think about that one for a bit, for I haven’t read Greek mythology for a very long time. I knew Zeus was the God of Thunder, but I knew I didn’t identify with him,  so….  the search was on.

In my search  I came across Posedion who first sounded like he would be a god I could identify with, the god of the sea. I LOVE the sea, being mesmerized by the sound of the waves. There was a problem though, he was also the god of earthquakes and storms, and was said to be the most ill tempered and greedy of all the gods ! I quickly changed my mind about him.

Ares was said to be aggressive and thirsted for conflict. I try to avoid conflict as much as I can so I couldn’t choose him either.

Athena is the goddess of Wisdom and I thought she would be the perfect choice, for many times I long for wisdom! Plus she carried an Owl on her shoulder. She was sounding better all the time, but she was also the goddess of war! That I couldn’t identify with, so the search continued.

Apollo is the winner! He is the god of healing, music, poetry and medicine.  I love music and poetry! There is a picture of him with a harp, which is a beautiful instrument. Just think of relaxing by a river, reading a book of poetry under a tree. Or maybe sitting on a hill of wildflowers and your love is playing the harp for you. Wouldn’t that be healing medicine to your heart? Words of poetry can be healing to the spirit as well. I also found out that his favorite color was blue, I am thinking it was probably “emerald blue”. Yes, I would have to say that Apollo appears to be the logical choice for me! What do you think?


19 thoughts on “The Logical Choice

  1. I think a closer match would be the god, Typos. He is the god of typographical errors. He’s a confused god, often getting things backward. And he’s color blind, not able to distinguish between the colors emerald and sapphire.

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