Trivia Fun

A few weeks ago I had a little trivia game on here. I was impressed with your guesses, some of you were very close to the correct answers. I have such clever “followers!” I thought I would give you all another opportunity today. Once again there will be 6 trivia questions. You can answer one, two or all of them, in the comments below. I did make them a little easier this time. The ones who get closest to the correct answer will get a “prize” and the prizes will be different from last time. I will point out that this time I made sure that the questions have definitive answers, all details are covered! Take a chance, give it your best shot, you have nothing to lose and hopefully a little fun to have. I will reveal the answers and winners tonight. Oh yes, and remember the one rule, No Googling for the answers! πŸ™‚

  1. In feet how tall was the tallest recorded sand castle?
  2. What was the age of the youngest person known to climb to the top of Mt.Everest?
  3. In miles per hour, how fast can an ostrich run? (Being that the ostrich is well rested and there are no weather conditions preventing it from running at its typical speed.)
  4. In months, how long did the Pony Express last?
  5. How many men have walked on the moon?
  6. How many constellations are there?


65 thoughts on “Trivia Fun

  1. Admittedly, I do not know the answers to the first five trivia questions. But do not be dismayed as I will attempt to dazzle ( get it, stars and constellations?!) you with my answer to the 6th question! In order to answer this question one must know are you asking with regards to Astrology or Astronomy? The well known birth signs that are used by Astrologers for the horoscopes, which some people closely follow and believe to be true, consists of the 12 constellations of the Zodiac. In Astronomy there are 13 constellations which are the same 12 plus another constellation named Ophiuchus, all of which are known as the stars of the Zodiac. Should you wish to know, Ophiuchus is the Serpens constellation taken from the Greek word meaning serpent bearer. Add to all of that…are you asking about the official count of all the constellations in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres? In which case the answer then is 88! Honestly, I did not look this up. The Astrology was learned long ago, I mean who doesn’t know this? My rudimentary knowledge on the other came from a friend who was a former nurse turned Astronomer. I found her new profession to be quite interesting and she was nearly as loquacious as myself! Thank-you!

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  2. 1. when I was a little guy, I built a sandcastle that was a million feet tall, but since it was before cell phones, no one recorded it.
    2. voluntarily?
    3. is it being chased?
    4. it may be coming back if the USPS closes…
    5. 13, if you count Michael Jackson
    6. what’s a constellation?

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    • Oh this made me laugh! I wish I could have seen that sand castle! Sure beats the correct answer of 57 feet!
      I have to say that for your creativity you deserve a ⭐! And I will even give you a prize! You get to give me a topic for a post. But just a heads up …I am not naming the 400 horses of the Pony Express like Tippy mentioned. Here I thought a story about that was simpler! LOL!

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