Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Have you made bread yet? With this pandemic, more people are baking and apparently bread is one of the more popular things being made. I made blueberry bread last week and today I plan to make Amish Cinnamon bread. I am already imagining the taste of it hot and fresh out of the oven. If nothing else, it will make my kitchen smell good while baking.Β  What is a favorite scent of yours?

Right now I would love to breathe in the smell of the salty air at the beach! Breathe in your favorite scent, whether you have to use your imagination, or perhaps its the cup of coffee in front you. Let it bring a smile and then sit back for a moment and enjoy these quotes!


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36 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Bwahahaha! April 94th indeed! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE #2. So very true. Have a super Tuesday. Whole wheat flour cannot be found and some people are bartering yeast for PPE’s around here. I think half of the country is learning to cook/bake, the other half has taken to drinking alcohol to cope. It’s a crazy world out there.

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    • Glad I could make you laugh. I just loved the picture with April 94th! πŸ™‚
      Yes, when I saw Number 2 I knew I had to share it, for it can be deadly too!
      Thanks, I hope you have a super Tuesday too!!
      Yes, yeast is hard to find here. Crazy about sums it up!

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    • I am making this bread gluten free but I have made it before not gf and just not eaten it. The hardest part of that is pulling it out of the oven and smelling, thats when it is the most tempting.


  2. The hamster one is funny.

    The Neil Armstrong one makes me think of the moon landing. The monitoring showed his heart-rate at very high levels while trying to land. He sure used a bunch of his then, probably worth it.

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  3. Tuesday’s Thoughts provide much food for thought and excellent observations too. These become even more meaningful as we navigate through the times in which we are living. Difficult to choose a favorite, but I’ll go with #1. When I hopefully request to be given my daily bread, I take for granted that I will not have to first make it myself. Were that necessary I would have butter without toast every day! You have given me an opportunity that I must take, as it may never pass this way again. A book that I found during my monthly Book Swap last Fall, now sadly indefinitely banned, was a wonderful find. “Where Darkness Isn’t Dark” by Alvon McCreadie that was published in March 2019 is a delightfully entertaining read. One of the stories has a dialogue in which these words are said : “Bread is like the Sun. It rises in the Yeast and sets in the Waist.” The moral of that story is; Beware, not all of the benefits of Bread are desired ones!! Thank-you!

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    • Oh Ellen you would make the punsters that I know so proud with your quote, and yes I have to laugh at it! πŸ™‚
      That is a true warning. Its also why the attire most days have been sweat pants and leggings. LOL!


  4. Coffee. Coffee has been getting me through. There isn’t an oven in the hotel room, only a hotplate (which can’t be used without setting off the smoke detector) and a microwave. But I have been using, and modifying, every crock pot recipe with 4 stars and above, based on what I find at the grocery store. Stay well my friend.

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