No More Running …

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She took another sip from her glass. It was so nice to be here, she thought, as she breathed in the salty sea air. Finally she could stop running. The feeling of peace had escaped her for so long, but now it at last had found her.

It had been quite the journey for her to get here. She had some heart stopping moments, thinking surely she wouldn’t be able to escape, but she did. She made it to her own little paradise. No one would find her here, not on this remote island.

When she first came she laid really low, kept to herself, but now she was feeling confidence build up inside her. She thought she may venture out into the only town nearby. Finding herself running out of necessary provisions really gave her no choice. She knew she had to venture out.

Shaking off any lingering thoughts of doubt, she let peace envelope her. This was her home now. This place was so far off the beaten path, she would be fine. She highly doubted that anyone in this town would have heard about her in the news. Stepping into her boat she started to row. All she had to do was  remember her new identity. Tanya was her name now. Anna was no more.


111 thoughts on “No More Running …

  1. She was lucky. The coronavirus was still raging, and wearing masks in public were still mandatory. No one would recognize her, due to the mask she wore, even if they had been watching the news. But just in case somebody did recognize her, she hid an axe beneath the seat of the rowboat. And then she picked up the oars and pointed her boat toward the town.

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  2. Tanya awakens in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. “Who, who’s there?” she says in a trembling, terrified voice.
    A shadow emerges from the doorway and moves toward her. Heavy steps on the wood plank floor. Odd sounding steps. Are there two people coming into her room. She feels the hot breath of the silhouetted stranger. Sees a strange outline against the moonlight. Are those horns?!?!?!
    Suddenly, a loud, deep terrifying voice says “Mooooooooooooooo!”
    Tanya’s worst fears are realized. Betsy has found her!

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  3. Okay … now, perhaps I missed an episode of this ongoing saga (your really ought to turn it into a book someday), but what or who the Sam Heck is Anna/Tanya running from? And where is Luke and … the little girl, oh what’s-her-name? And … where’s the Chicken Man??? And … questions, questions, questions!!! Ay ay ay, mi cabeza!!! Heh heh … I knew you couldn’t put it to bed! Good job … and now, next episode?


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