Friday’s Super Short Stories!


I started a new hobby during this pandemic, its ….. ! (fill in the blank with something real or made up!) 

When you awake from a dream where you escaped from a mental asylum. Hmmm….perhaps this pandemic is driving you a tad crazy. 

The year that “Spring Break” turned into “Summer Vacation” for students!


16 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. I’m not sure what I was dreaming when I woke up this morning. I tried to sort my dream into something that made enough sense to remember, and then decided it was so random that it wasn’t worth the effort.

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  2. Hobbies? Well, I have grown an ugly mostly gray beard. I guess I will be shaving that soon.

    This year spring break turned in to literally spring break. The kids do have some work from home stuff.

    And if I am totally insane and delusional….. I can’t tell the difference.

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    • You wouldn’t need to shave. Could see how long you could grow it. 🙂

      Yes, my Senior does have schoolwork to do online which keeps him busy too.

      LOL! Yes, I can echo those sentiments. Normal is way overrated anyway!


  3. #1 Since today is “Find A Rainbow Day” that is the hobby of the day! I was unsuccessful trying to find one outside in the cloudy, rainy sky. Fortunately, Benjamin drew one for me and Mommy sent a photo. Next I found the “Rainbow Connection” on Jill’s post from this morning…do not miss it! Now I find here, not a rainbow, but a chicken staring me straight in the eye with concern written all over his beak! I just have to smile and say “Yes, I am OK!” #2 My Son told me years ago that there are only two kinds of crazy people in the world : 1) Those who are diagnosed. 2) Those who are not. He said the larger group is the second! #3 I believe that Benjamin would disagree with you here. It is not a vacation if you have to do homework on the computer! Go look for a rainbow or make your own! Thank-you!

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    • I love rainbows but haven’t seen any today though. But you bring “rainbows” when you comment. 🙂
      LOL at the chicken! I couldn’t resist. Stay well!
      Haha on what your son said, I agree with him!
      Sorry Benjamin! I was thinking “summer vacation” due to how long and the fact that its a very real possibility that the next time students step into a school building they will be in the next grade! And that Seniors may not step into their school again!
      I will go find some pics of rainbows! 🙂


  4. I love the picture of the poultry! I have had some really strange dreams lately. Probably the stress from the pandemic hoopla. I dreamed of working to customize Michelle and I a motor home last night.


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