The Odessa Chronicles

A good blogger friend posted this review of “The Odessa Chronicles” on his blog and I wanted to share it with all of you. For though I may have been shaking my head and laughing at some of his words in the beginning, the more I read the more smiles that filled my heart. In the detailed review he shares how he thought “The Odessa Chronicles”was just for kids, but … he found out differently! Enjoy and perhaps his review will entice you to give it a try! Thanks again Tippy, for bringing smiles to Colin and I.

Chasing Unicorns

Click this caption to find The Odessa Chronicles on Amazon.

I’ve been aware of The Odessa Chronicles for several years, thanks to the incessant, shameless plugging by its authors, Carolyn Shelton ( and Colin Chappell ( They follow my blog, and I follow theirs. And if you’ve ever followed our comments, you may have noticed how much we sometimes antagonize each other. It’s all in good fun, but whew, it sure gets dicey at times.

My impression from their plugs was that The Odessa Chronicles was an apologue of talking animals that teaches moral lessons. So I was resistant to read it, as there’s a rebel in me that I enjoy harboring. Moral lessons are anathema to us rebels.

But in an idle moment of insanity, I took a look at their book on Amazon and decided to give it a go. But hell, I wasn’t about to fork…

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14 thoughts on “The Odessa Chronicles

  1. Whilst the publishing of “The Odessa Chronicles” may not be The Crowning Achievement of your life it most certainly should be high on the list of your most worthy ones. As for the “Lady of the States” crown itself, I’ll leave that in Colin’s capable hands. I shall not repeat my comment, posted amidst the entertaining discourse betwixt Tippy and yourself, that is found at the end of his fantabulous review. Instead, given the times we all have found ourselves navigating through, I offer a quote that fits these times quite nicely. “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” – Mason Cooley. “The Odessa Chronicles” is indeed a wonderful place to go! Thank-you!

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