The Magic of Stone Soup

Children’s stories aren’t just for children! The book that Colin and I wrote, “The Odessa Chronicles”, can be enjoyed by all ages!  If you are running out of books to read while staying inside, our book is just a click away. You can click on the book cover in the right hand margin for more information.

I have never stopped enjoying children’s stories, for they have truths in them that we as adults can still identify with. The story “Stone Soup” popped into my head today and the more I thought about it, the more I thought it would be appropriate to share right now.

We all have heard of the ones who are stockpiling and even fighting some others in grocery stores for certain products. Shelves are bare! Sadly greed is showing itself in this time of uncertainty. But as this short story shows, sharing is so much better! if you have never heard this story or have forgotten it, pour yourself a drink and sit back for just a little more than 5 minutes and enjoy! I do believe it will bring a smile.

19 thoughts on “The Magic of Stone Soup

  1. That’s a very nice old tale. But I do pity the one who ladled out a bowl of the finished product, and got the stone.
    I agree that The Odessa Chronicles does make a good read for those who are stuck at home. I’m reading it right now, and am about halfway through. It’s a long book though. I hope to finish it by the time the Covid crisis is over.

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    • LOL about the stone. Hadn’t thought of that!
      Oh you just made me smile with what you are reading! 🙂 So glad you are enjoying it, and there is a story near the end that…well….I will just let you see! 🙂

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        • Oh no worries, I won’t tell you how it ends! Yes, the chapters are pretty much self contained yet you will want to read them in order due to some things that happen.
          I am sure I will know when you get to one particular chapter! And pretty sure that Colin knows exactly what I am talking about too!
          Continue to enjoy it.
          A review would be very appreciated. The best way to help get the word out about it, being that Colin and I aren’t exactly famous people who everyone knows about. LOL!

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  2. The Odessa Chronicles has traveled with Benjamin through two preschools, kindergarten and now is helping to keep him entertained at home during these early stages of self distancing. It most likely comes as no surprise to you that Benjamin is able to tell many of the stories from memory, having had them read to him at Gem’s in those best of times for both of us. The Folktale Stone Soup has a long history that stretches back to the early 1800’s and beyond. It may well have its roots as an oral tale prior to being written and published as a book. There are many variations of the participants that make the soup and there are some variations on the main ingredient used to make it too, though I had only ever heard of it as a single stone or several. My Gram read the 1947 book written and illustrated by Marcia Brown, “Stone Soup : An Old Tale” to my siblings and myself many times. My younger sister, also named Marcia, loved that book and endlessly requested Gram to read it again ( that book later became hers). Stone Soup is a story that has been published by many authors over the years, but it never grows old. When Benjamin was three years old, I came across “Stone Soup Big Book” written by Linda Ross and illustrated by Jacqueline Rogers ( I had to pull it off an overladen bookshelf just now to add that last information) that we love. It is always fun to find a book from my childhood days to add to his own. Your choice is yet another variation on that long ago original and the animation is a delightful addition. Benjamin will enjoy this and I will tell “Mommy” about it!! Stay well and be happy! Thank-you!

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    • Just love Benjamin and his love of “The Odessa Chronicles”! He probably has it memorized as well as Colin and I do! LOL! Thanks to his sweet Gem for reading them to him! ❤

      The Stone Soup story just never grows old! There are children’s books that I love to have in my collection and that is one of them that I need to add to it, with my Pooh Bear books. 🙂
      Thanks Ellen and prayers that you stay well too and yes we all need to keep smiling!

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      • Something to give you hope for a brighter future : Picture YOURSELF one day reading “The Odessa Chronicles” to your Grandchildren! Then follow with Stone Soup, all those lovingly collected Pooh Bear books amidst many other books. And be sure to add…one of Benjamin’s very early favorites that he recites word for word from memory, the 2013 “God Bless You & Good Night” by Hannah C. Hall that is beautifully illustrated by Steve Whitlow. Reading to my own children when they were small was deftly fitted into a very busy limited time frame, but they still remember those joyful moments. Being retired, reading to Benjamin was a leisurely daily activity, that hopefully insures a memory that will forever remain with him along with a love of books. Thank-you!

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        • Reading to my grandchildren and introducing them to ‘The Odessa Chrinicles” is a thought that truly warms my heart! Thanks Ellen!
          Does Benjamin have the book,’Love you Forever’? Thats another favorite. 🙂 I will look for that other book, thanks!


          • Now, Miss JoyRoses, need you even ask!?! “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” Robert Munsch’s “Love You Forever” was given to Benjamin at the hospital on our first visit right after he was born! You most likely know the story behind the song that became the book so I won’t repeat it now. As you may recall I was a pediatric nurse, so over the course of 45+ years many children’s authors became known to me and Munsch is one of them. When Benjamin was about 2 1/2 years old I purchased “Something Good” which is a story that has all three children with the names of his three adopted children. The next of Munsch’s books that I purchased for Benjamin is “The Munschworks Grand Treasury” which is a large-sized book that contains 15 of his stories. Some of Benjamin’s favorites of those are : “Purple, Green and Yellow”, “I Have to Go”, “A Promise Is A Promise” plus “Something Good” is also included. Munsch has often called himself a storyteller not a writer with all of his story’s characters having the names of actual living children. I found it sad to read that Robert Munsch has suffered from manic-depression since childhood, that led to alcohol and cocaine addiction which he was battling at the time of the 2010 interview in which he inadvertently revealed it. The public embraced him for his honesty and courage in sharing his secret. He later said that he was recovering but not cured. Born in Pennsylvania in the USA and finding success after moving to Canada, he is a treasure for both! Thank-you!

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            • Yes, I should have known you would have his book! I am sure we probably talked about it before. 🙂
              I never knew that he had been originally from my home state!
              Sad about his depression but glad he could open up about it.

              Another book from years ago came to my mind. Rikki Tikki Tembo No So Rembo… Do you have that Children’s book? 🙂


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