35 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Who cannot be cheered by hearing the singing of a bird, especially one of Benjamin’s favorite “Orange-Bluebirds”? In these times of suggested and mandatory social distancing, sending hugs and kisses via email and snail mail is a necessity and receiving them is a welcome gift indeed! I cannot recall ever actually wanting to slow down, but retirement has afforded me the ability to do so. Fortunately, being an introvert by nature, staying home now does not bother me…but not having Benjamin to share it does!! Germany Kent, author of the wonderful uplifting book of March 2015 “The Hope Handbook”, provides some very inspirational thinking : “It’s a funny thing about life, once you take note of all the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack.” Stay well and keep smiling! Thank-YOU!

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    • Oh I am sure you do miss sweet Benjamin! Praying this passes soon but yes in the meantime, snail mail, email, and texting hugs all brighten the day!
      Thanks for another great quote. So true!
      Hugs, my friend! 💚


      • I do miss Benjamin’s cheery “Namaste, Gem! It’s me, Benjamin!” every time he came through my door and his yelling from the window as Mommy’s car rolled down the road “Bye Gem, I miss you already! You’re the bestest!”. Not to mention the joy filled hours betwixt the two! As Jill’s song of the day says…”Those Were the Days”. I am grateful for the technology that has gives me FaceTime via eldest Daughter’s newest iPhone. Admittedly, the thing confounds me. My phone, with no i, is the no-frills kind that makes and receives calls. Hugs back! Thank-you, again and always! P.S. Do look for Kent’s book that I mentioned. If you can find it by Googling it may show you a few of the pages. I think that you will love it!

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  2. Yes, I am definitely cured of wanting life to slow down. All those worries now look ridiculously trivial. Thanks for sharing some good cheer with your posts — it’s more appreciated than you know.

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