Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Good Morning! The first day of complete shutdown has started here. All stores, except for grocery stores and all restaurants, except for those with take out service, were mandated to close last night by midnight! At least we don’t have to worry about social distancing with blogging. Blogging is one activity that can still go on, amidst things shutting down around the world. We can still share smiles, laughterΒ  and words of encouragement with each other.

Have a great day! Remember the things that are really important in life, amidst the chaos, and Smile!

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28 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I would be inclined, in honor of the day and my Irish heritage, to add an Irish Blessing. Since you beautifully covered the Irish connection in this lovely collection of quotes I shall instead provide some food for thought…via a quotation. In her July 2010 book, “Bittersweet”, Shauna Niequist wrote : “When life is sweet, say thank you, and celebrate. And when life is bitter, say thank you, and grow.” May the sweet outweigh the bitter for all! Thank-you!

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  2. Especially love that first one. It’s ironic that people who have their heads stuck in a phone and completely oblivious to the world around them are kvetching about social isolation. There’s a whole world out there that they are missing. Thank goodness for this wonderful online community. Stay safe, keep smiling and keep posting-love your positive outlook and kind posts.

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    • Aww, thanks Monika for your words! I am very thankful for the WP community too and its my pleasure to keep posting and helping to bring some smiles into the craziness of the world right now!!
      You stay well and safe too! ❀

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