Friday’s Super Short Stories!

On Wednesday Walmart had toilet paper …  today … shelves are bare!

Smiles are germ free, easy to share,  and  good medicine to the heart! 

Thinking back on my Miss.Muffett experience, is there a rhyme that describes you today? Spread a smile and share it with us. 


45 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. I think I’ll invest in a bidet.
    Smiles are germ free as long as you don’t kiss them.
    I’m not in the mood
    For good healthy food
    When donuts are falling like rain.
    But then comes the scale
    And I weep, cry, and wail
    At the weight that I quickly attain.

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  2. At least this is fun to live through, provided that you live.

    I have read reports that the grocery stores are very crowded today. People buying in panic and violating the one important thing that they should be doing – social distancing. I am home wondering why everyone wants toilet paper. I admit, toilet paper is one of those things that makes society better, but it seems like a silly panic. I think everyone is buying it because everyone is buying it. Humans are for the most part stupid.

    Me, social distancing is one of my strengths.

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  3. I had to smile and shake my head at your first line. It will go down in history as something to remember that is for sure. But if things get a lot worse, not sure how much “fun” it will be then!

    Yes, people can definitely be stupid!
    I am wondering why the hysteria about toilet paper as well, but its the way people are. When there is threat of a snowstorm people go bezerk buying milk, eggs and bread, acting like we will be shut in for 3 weeks or longer! I think that is what is behind the toilet paper madness, people are thinking we won’t be able to leave our homes, and … no one really knows if it will get that bad … but….hysteria does not help!

    So since social distancing is your strength, you wouldn’t have a problem not leaving your house for 3 weeks, eh? 🙂 Do you have enough coffee?? Now that is critical!

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  4. My local Costco ran out of paper towels in less than an hour while I was waiting to fill a prescription. TP and Kleenex haven’t been around for days there or anywhere else. It’s just nuts out there. People have begun swiping TP from hospital restrooms and ripping out bags of hand sanitizers from patient’s room at hospitals here. We have totally lost our minds.

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