Keep Smiling!


With all the talk about the Corona virus and the general panic going on, I thought we all could use a SMILE BREAK! ENJOY! Its always more fun to Smile!






The first 2 pictures are from Pinterest but the last 2 I am proud to say are my adorable great-nephew and great-niece! Their parents were more than happy to help me spread some smiles with all of you. Yes, I am in love!

24 thoughts on “Keep Smiling!

  1. That Betsy sure has a realistic cow costume. But I’ll bet she’s already herd that. As far as the chicken is concerned, it has no lips. Therefore it cannot smile. All it can do is make sounds like, “cluck-cluck-cluck,” “bugock!,” and “anna, anna, anna.”
    Your niece and nephew really do look great. Very cute.

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