The Secret Keeper


The night was still, the air was cool, and the moon shined bright in the azure blue sky.

The swing was there, as it always was, hanging from the sturdy oak tree. It was waiting for her. it had been there for her so many nights. Nights when she was broken hearted and she would cry into the wind. Nights when she was full of joy, shouting with happiness, andΒ  swinging high with glee.

Many dreams she had spoken to the moon, and many secrets she had shared. The moon was her keeper of secrets, it wouldn’t even share it with the stars.

This swing was her place of rest. Her time-out, for when life got so busy. Her place of solitude and peace.

She would exhale any of her fears and doubts as she would swing into the wind and inhale hope. Smiling she would look at the moon and give it a little wink, as she continued to swing, underneath the azure blue sky.



54 thoughts on “The Secret Keeper

  1. … and her name was Anna right? Beneath her is a half eaten apple, and just out of sight, on the other side of the tree, is a white cross! Charlie Chicken and Tanya Turkey have met up with the two Bobs and are quietly (so they don’t awake Anna) comparing wings!

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  2. This story seems to have no beginning or end. It just starts in the middle.
    I think she’s a CIA agent. And in the beginning she’s told some top secret information. But she has a real hard time keeping secrets, so in the middle she shares her secrets with the moon (as evident in the part you wrote). But in the end, it turns out that the moon was bugged, and now foreign agents know all of our secrets. This sparks World War III, and the world comes to an end.
    THE END.

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  3. Watching Samantha Brown sailing through the British Virgin Islands this week, I saw a COOL set of swings . . . in the surf! You could sit and swing with toes in the water and your bottom on dry seat.

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