The END of the Story!

Sometimes when one writes what they think is the end of the story, it turns out not to be the end! So even though you read the conclusion to my series of stories about Julia, Luke and little Annie, there is still a little more to come yet! I was strongly encouraged to write an Epilogue and since I like to keep my followers happy, here you go. I hope you enjoy it!


“Mama, Mama, he is here again, can I go pet the chicken please?”

Annie tugged at Julia’s arm as she pointed to the man with his pet chicken. They only came to town twice a month to stock up on all their belongings and Annie always loved the trip. She got to visit the candy shop and spend the pennies she had saved up and she also loved seeing the chicken man. He was the only man who she had ever seen walk his chicken on a leash. At times they would even see him put the chicken on his shoulder and bend his head towards the chicken like it was talking to him!

After they visited with the chicken man they went to Jill’s fabric store. She always had the prettiest fabrics to choose from and was often heard singing to herself. Sometimes she would get so caught up in singing that she forgot what she was doing, but she was a nice lady, even if she was a little crazy.

Julia wanted to make Annie a new dress and may even make herself one. She had noticed the way Luke looked at her when she wore her jade green dress. His eyes sparkled, and it made Julia feel warm all over. It was amazing how quickly in the past year that the love between them had bloomed. The color still rose in her cheeks, as she remembered the very first time his lips had brushed against hers. The magic she had felt that night under the stars. Oh she had to stop daydreaming now and concentrate or they would never get done shopping.

Finally they made their purchases at the fabric store and Annie  was skipping with joy, she been able to pick out some pretty coral pink fabric.

“Mama! Could you make a little dress for my Lulu too?” Julia put her arm around Annie and drew her close, “Yes, I think we could do a matching dress for Lulu.” Julia said and  Annie squealed with delight.

They had one more store to go too and than they would start the trip back home. The last store, “The FlufferNutter Shoppe”  was the one owned by 2 older gentleman, who often made Annie laugh with their puns and silly stories. Julia would roll her eyes but often couldn’t hide her smile. As Julia picked out some coffee and cornmeal to make grits, she listened to Annie giggle.

They made their purchases and were about to leave when the bell jangled over the door and in walked the chicken man again. He was a good friend of the 2 older gentleman and often would come in to the store to take a coffee break with them. Julia was shaking her head as she and Annie were walking out of the store, hearing them talking about unicorns and gnus!

On the ride home Annie started out chattering, but it didn’t take her long to fall asleep against Julia’s shoulder. Julia’s mind began to wander back to thinking about Luke. She recalled the night he had opened up to her about what the little white cross stood for.

It had been a memorial to his wife.  Three months after she had suddenly left he got a letter saying how wrong she had been to leave and how she was coming home. That she had been mad at him, but now she couldn’t wait to see him and be in his arms again. His heart was full of mixed emotions, for he had been deeply hurt by her leaving, but oh how he had missed her. Was his world was coming back together?

The week that she was supposed to arrive, there had been a stagecoach robbery. He didn’t know at first if it was her stagecoach that had been robbed but his stomach was in knots with worry, until it was confirmed. He saw her name in black and white listed as one of the passengers on the coach. It had been robbed by the Axe brothers. They had killed everyone on the stagecoach. It took awhile but at last they were caught, though it was believed that their leader a woman named Lizzie was still on the loose.

Julia’s heart had ached for him and all he had been through. She had  been determined to make his heart sing again and the way this year has been going she couldn’t be happier. She pulled on the reins of the horses a little harder, she was anxious to get back home and be wrapped in his arms once again, while whispering  her little surprise secret into his ear.


74 thoughts on “The END of the Story!

  1. OH HO!!! You have outdone yourself this time, my dear friend!!! I’m so honoured to be the proprietor of the fabric store, even if a little bit crazy! And I’m sure the ‘two old guys’ will be thrilled to own the FlufferNutter Shoppe! And you even worked Lizzie Borden into the story! I chuckled all the way through this epilogue! Thank you!!!!! And now, I am satisfied and you can put it to rest … if you’re sure you want to. 😊

    Liked by 3 people

    • So glad you felt honored! I almost put about your lost salt shaker, but didn’t know how to have that be in a fabric store. LOL!
      Oh yes I am sure the “old guys” are thrilled, even if too humble to mention it! I mean hey who wouldn’t want to own a Fluffer Nutter Shoppe! They are rather use to being “honored” though. 🙂
      You also can’t forget the chicken man, he should feel honored as well!
      Hmmm….put them to rest? I don’t know I am kinda getting attached to these characters now!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Let me guess: Colin is the chicken man and Jason and I own a Fluffer Nutter Shoppe. Whatever the heck a fluffer nutter is.
    I’m glad Luke is not an axe murderer. But I’m sure he probably killed someone with something else at one time.
    You might be advised from an experienced horseback rider that you don’t pull on the reins to make horses go faster. That’s what makes them stop. Rather, you loosen the reins and kick them in the ribs (hopefully a gentle kick, or you might wind up suddenly sitting on the ground).
    Thanks for finishing the story. Now the neurotic twitch over my eyebrow can subside.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Finally, a conclusion to the conclusion. Was it so difficult to please your adoring fans?

    Now, i do want to hear more about this man with the pet chicken and not leave this character all cooped up in the back of your mind some where. You may have just plucked him out of the comments, but I sense there is a nugget of meaningful story to be told. Is he just visiting or does he roost in town somewhere? Is he the only one who can hear the chicken talk, or is his mind a few eggs short of a dozen? Maybe you could peck out a little story about him on your keyboard.

    Liked by 2 people

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