A Mama for Anna … Part 3

Here is the link to Part 2 , in case you missed it, of a story that appears to just keep going. Thanks for following along.  A Mama for Anna … Part 2

It was a nice day to be outside in the backyard. Julia was planting some purple and yellow lupines while Annie played with Lulu, her dolly. The whippoorwill was singing its little song from its perch on the Weeping Cherry Tree.

Julia had just planted her last flower. She smiled as she heard Annie singing  to LuLu while rocking her in her arms. Standing up and stretching Julia looked around, wondering if there was another place she should plant flowers at. She walked over towards the Weeping Cherry tree, there was a fence behind it , perhaps she could line the fence with some pretty flowers. What was that? It was so tiny that must have been how she missed seeing it before.

She knelt down in front of the little white cross that was under the tree. Why was it there? There was a little heart drawn on the cross, but that was it, no words.

“Mama, Lulu wants some cookies and milk, can we have some>”  Julia looked behind her and saw Annie walking towards her. She stood up to go towards her. “Cookies and milk sound like a great idea”, she said and she grabbed Annie’s hands to walk into the house. Annie was chatting away, but Julia’s mind was still wondering about that little white cross with no name.

Luke’s face was pensive. He had seen Julia kneeling beside the Weeping Cherry Tree. He had been on his way back to the house, and he stopped and watched her. He sighed. Now she was probably going to ask him about it and he didn’t want to talk about it. Why did woman always want to know things, and always chattering? He shook his head. She was great with Annie, he couldn’t deny that. His heart swelled with joy when he saw how happy his little Annie was. She deserved it, for she meant the world to him!

Julia was patient with Annie, she was a typical 5 year old, she could have her tantrums for sure. Luke remembered when she was 2 years old and just the fight it was to put her coat on if she didn’t want it and especially to put her to bed. Some nights he didn’t think he would make it as he would fall into bed exhausted, only to hear her cry out for him 2 hours later.

He would rock her back to sleep and in those quiet times his mind would drift back to the past. In the peace of the night is when the memories would come that would cause his heart to ache.

He turned back, he would go back to the house a little later, he couldn’t face Julia’s curious eyes right now and her questions. Her deep blue eyes, that he felt at times could see right through him. He liked to see them sparkle when she was laughing with Annie. Could he make her eyes sparkle? Did he want to? How would it feel to run his fingers through her hair? The sofa was making his back ache each morning.  Oh where were these thoughts coming from. His heart stirred, but he didn’t know if his heart really wanted to go in that direction, and he dug his shovel hard into the field.

29 thoughts on “A Mama for Anna … Part 3

  1. Let’s see, just to help you out a little . . .

    He dug his shovel deeper and deeper. Shallow holes like this just won’t do it if the sheriff should come snooping around. He remembered Julia was just a little over 5 feet tall, so he made sure the hole was long enough. And two feet wide should just about do it.

    That’s all I’ve got for now. I’ll let you continue in part 4.

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  2. I was thinking along a different line than Tippy … I was thinking he was digging up the body already buried there! I wonder how many more of those little white crosses there are …
    Seriously, though, I am enjoying the story! On to Part IV …

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  3. I think that he and his former wife had two children and one died very young and is buried at the white cross. His former wife left in grief. Or it was the final resting place of his favorite pet chicken.

    Was gone all day, but read this when I got home.

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  4. I have a stirring sense of both errie disturbing thoughts that Luke’s previous story of Anne’s mom doesn’t hold up and a little sweetness that he might have stirring of love starting for Julia. 🧐😁


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