A Mama for Anna … Part 2

If you missed Part 1, here is the link. A Mama for Anna


The rooster crowed as Julia pulled the covers over her head. Would she ever get used to hearing the rooster’s call at the crack of dawn, or would she end up making rooster stew some day!

Her mind thought back over the last few weeks and how much her life has changed. How her heart was already gone. The cords of love had wrapped themselves around her heart. She had never guessed that she would fall so quickly for an adorable red-haired 5 year old girl. Little Anna worked her magic and  had her wrapped around her finger.

She was a whirlwind of energy that kept Julia on her toes. Having quite the imagination, she would regale Julia with stories about the adventures that her dolly Lulu and her teddy bear  Butterscotch had together.

Julia sighed, for Anna had been so easy to get to know and warmed up to Julia right away. Her hugs warmed Julia’s heart, whenever she would start to miss her home back East.  Luke though was a different story. He was very kind, Julia couldn’t complain there, He had yellow roses for her when she had met him at the train station. He was a gentleman, but a man of little words.

His letters to her before she came hadn’t contained very much information about him and Anna, besides the basics. It told of how he really needed a Mama for his sweet Anna and someone to take care of the house. Julia had been hoping he would open up more when she arrived. All she knew was that Anna’s Mommy had suddenly left them when Anna was only 3 years old. Luke had come in from the fields one day for lunch to find Anna crying in her crib and his wife nowhere around. There was no note, but her suitcase and all her clothes were missing.

What had happened to her Julia wondered. How could she leave little Anna? How did Luke cope the past 2 years, his heart had to have been so broken. Julia was lost in thought when she heard a knock on the door.

“Julia are you awake? I got breakfast ready, I have to go milk the cows.”

Julia looked at the clock, Oh dear, she was late! She had told him that she would cook him breakfast this morning. Quickly she threw on her robe and ran a brush through her hair before going out into the kitchen.

The aroma of bacon made her stomach growl and the pancakes looked nice and fluffy waiting for her on the table. She smelled the coffee brewing, and poured herself a cup before going to wake up Anna. Her face scrunched up as she tasted it, Luke sure did like his coffee strong! She would have to make sure to wake up in time tomorrow and make her own coffee. She sat down watching the sky change colors as the sun came up.  Breathing in the peace and quiet for a moment, before her day began.





46 thoughts on “A Mama for Anna … Part 2

  1. I really like this story, because it sounds like this is going to be a pleasant household for a little girl to grow up in. Although I’m not sure about the part about that traditional morning beverage. You could probably cut that part out, and the story wouldn’t suffer. Might even improve it. The story does still seem kind of incomplete, though. I think it needs a second ending.

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  2. Women always think that there is something running through a man’s mind. Maybe he just not have much to say. But, Luke is your creation, so maybe he is full of romantical thoughts that he has not the courage to release. Maybe he hasn’t told her about the talking dog yet.

    Am I the only one that doesn’t eat a stack of pancakes for breakfast? I don’t think that I’d get a minute of work done if I ate like that.

    My grandfather used to always make the coffee. And it was too strong according to grandmother, but she just added more water to her cup. Good ol’ grandpa.

    I don’t know how I’d handle a stranger for a new wife. I’d probably be polite and keep out of the way. When Cinderella’s father brought in a strange new wife, it didn’t go well for her. But, there have been no step-sisters show up yet.

    Now, do we get to just speculate on wife #1 or is that story to develop? She apparently packed her stuff and left. So, she fell for another guy and ran off? She heard music coming from the forest and went to investigate with a packed suitcase, like they did on that three hour tour that ended up on Gilligan’s island? So, you better write this or risk leaving it to my imagination.

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    • Oh, he has a talking dog? I guess that will be a surprise to her! LOL! Well I guess you are right, guess men don’t always have thoughts running through all that empty space in their brain. 🙂

      My husband rarely eats a stack of pancakes, so you aren’t the only one!
      Cream, cream and more cream is what makes coffee good and not so strong!

      No worries for Anna, no mean stepsisters!
      LOL on the music from the forest, the singing chipmunks in the tree, right? (sorry, I had to…you said forest and music!)
      Maybe she is stuck on an island somewhere with the Skipper. Hmm… Yes, I probably should write a Part 3, and not risk leaving it to your imagination! The good thing is that Part 3 is pretty much written already, though I am debating about the one thing, I guess you will find out tomorrow.

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