What do you think?

I love quotes, but as much as I love quotes, I sometimes come across quotes that totally get a black X on them. This happened today when I came across this quote. I just feel it is giving the wrong message! Kind of like the whole “Real men don’t cry”  message that goes around which is so wrong! I am very glad that my husband has a sensitive side. Why does society feel the need to label?  Not all women love wearing dresses or wearing make up either, does that make them less feminine?

Why is masculinity determined by whether you own a gun? My husband does not need to carry a gun in order to defend  and protect my children and I! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will do anything within his power to protect us, even if it means giving his own life. I know his heart. We don’t have guns in our house and we never will, and that doesn’t make him any less of a man.  He doesn’t need to hunt in order to be masculine and whatever food is on his plate surely doesn’t determine his masculinity! But all of this is just my opinion. What do you think? I really am interested in hearing your thoughts.



43 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. That quote is either from many years passed, or the creator of it has a severe personality disorder. It is naive, quite stupid, ignores any sense of opportunity and/or equality for women and is clearly founded on ignorance. Garbage like that serves no productive purpose in a society which supposedly encourages compassion, understanding and mutual respect.

    Well you did ask! 🙂

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  2. Looks like another mundane Facebook meme, to me. Got an opinion? There’s a meme for it.

    But I’ll weigh in, just for chips and grins. This meme is so right about those who say you can’t be a man if you don’t shave your chest, etc. A man is an adult equipped with the X and Y chromosones. So whether or not you shave your chest, face, head, armpits, or intercrural region, you are a man if you have those genes.

    A man can carry a gun, lance, sword, rapier, brass knuckles, or any other weapon, if he wants. And so can a woman. But it’s not required for manhood. To be a man you must first be born a boy. Then you must age to the number 18.

    A man doesn’t have to protect his woman or children, but it can help. Especially if they have his back whenever he’s in trouble. Mutual aid can make anyone formidable.

    So far I’ve never needed a gun to protect my woman, but certain rare situations can arise where a gun might be handy, if not necessary. I hope like hell such a situation never occurs.

    My preferred form of fighting is tripping people down stairs, throwing sand in their face, sucker-punching, and running like hell when none of that works. I believe this doesn’t make me more or less of a man. It just makes me a survivor.

    In short, manliness is an accident of nature, as well as a sign that someone toughed out boyhood until reaching adulthood. And that’s all it takes to be a man, in my opinion.


  3. It’s a dated thought process dating back to the hunter/gatherer days though many people seemed to still feel this way. Some pockets of society still want to enforce certain gender roles. Some women are quite capable of taking care of themselves nowadays! Despite this sentiment, some women still want a “masculine” male and can only raise a family when they feel “safe”. I just think of some of the feminine characteristics I see in my male family members such as doing tasks like knitting that are perceived to be feminine. Does exhibiting these qualities make them any less masculine? Is it better to recognize that we’re balanced with both feminine and masculine traits?

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  4. I just want to chime in as a member of the masculine set. I do not own a gun. I do not believe in violence. I watch birds. I don’t think less of men who own guns or hunt. I am part of a church where men carry and have formed a security team to protect our congregation in case of a church emergency. I am not against that. That said I am aware that I am not someone who wants to be on that team. That does not make me less of a man.


  5. Let me join the chorus of folks protesting this outdated and frankly sexist idea of what it means to be a man (and by inference what it means to be a woman). Whether in a relationship or in society, there should no predetermined roles–we should be free to choose to based on our own personalities and abilities without the burden of gender or other stereotypes. For the record, I am a college-educated, gay male who served 20 years in the Army, but do not own a gun nor do I wear skinny jeans. How’s that for a mix of contradictions? Diversity is our strength–I really believe that.

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  6. Well he could have ASSumed something quite different by ASSimilating, or even ASSociating with your ASSigned brain cells. He could also have ASSerted, without any ASSurance of success, that any response would be ASSessed by you and probably lost in some ASSortment bin.

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  7. JR this is an outstanding article and post! The quote you have here is archaic but it is also a big part of our culture, even if it is unspoken. By that I mean racism is often unspoken but very much there, under the surface. Same thing.

    We must have a change in leadership at the top, and many Republicans need to repent of their sins, in their protecting him.
    Can we go too far the other way? Yes of course. Being progressive has always been risky.
    But you know what? Interracial marriage is no longer illegal, along with alot of other old ideas that have died off.

    I applaud you and your family. Again great post!

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  8. it’s so outrageous it must have been written simply to elicit a response. Gun control is among my top three issues when I go to vote; if I had my way, they would all be completely banned. By the way, I haven’t seen the movie, but the new Will Ferrell movie looks like it may touch a bit on the role of a man as a protector…


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