Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Show your special someone that you love them on the other 364 days of the year too, or the flowers you give on Valentine’s Day may as well be weeds! 

When your husband sends you a message from work asking if you found his surprise, and you have no where left to look! 

Music is a way for your heart to speak. What is a favorite love song of yours? 

Sharing 2 songs today, “Because you loved me..” by Celine Dion and “IF”. The first song is not just for the love of your life! For me I think of my family and dear friends and my husband and children when I hear this song. They all have shown me love in many different ways that lift me up and keep me going and for that I am so grateful!  Now the other song “If” is a more specific love song. It was one of many songs that Brad put on a cassette tape ( remember those) for me when we were dating. The old love songs still warm my heart, much more than “Here’s my number, call me, maybe…” by Justin Beiber. 

Enjoy and have a wonderful day, celebrating the love of those around you, which is something to be grateful for every day! 



37 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Thanks for sharing two wonderful love songs–I remember then both really well. I checked on-line and “If” was released in 1971, which was the start of my senior year in high school. The music of that era has really stuck with me, unlike much of the much of other periods of my life. As for Celine, I love her voice and that song, though I think it goes a bit too far in claiming that she owes “everything” to the one who loved her, which fits if the “one” is God, but not so much if it is another frail human. We do, however, need the love, encouragement, and support of others to develop into who we are meant to be. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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    • Strawberry filled chocolate hearts and other candy. Chocolate always makes me happy. I don’t need extravagant gifts. We may go out to a Japanese restaurant this weekend. I would rather not put up with the crowds when going out on Valentine’s, I don’t mind waiting a night or two. When the kids were young, we just celebrated at home with them.
      Glad you liked the songs, so many to pick from! What is one of your favorites and I hope you and your wife have a nice Valentine’s Day as well!

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      • Strawberry chocolate hearts sounds delicious. I got some chocolate covered raisins.
        Good idea. Do like everyone else and avoid the crowds on Valentine’s, and instead go to a restaurant on Saturday or Sunday.
        I guess one of my favorites is “I’m an Albatraoz.” Don’t know why, but maybe because it’s a catchy tune.

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          • Well I hope you two have an enjoyable, romantic meal, anyway.
            We braved the crowds and went out to eat last night. And surprisingly, there were no crowds. We had the whole restaurant to ourselves. My wife really enjoyed her Firehouse sub Italian sandwich, and I thought the submarine meatball sandwich was quite tasty. We kissed afterward. Either that or we were smacking our lips.

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            • Oh this made me laugh. Hey one can have a romantic dinner at any type of restaurant and subs are good! You did have me curious for a few seconds there though when you said no crowds and that you had the whole restaurant to yourselves! 🙂

              We did have a nice lunch, thanks! We actually went to a Grilled Kabob restaurant that was really good. We found out that the Korean restaurant did not have gluten free food, so being that I did want to enjoy the meal and the rest of the day we went somewhere else, which turned out to be a great choice. It was small, music playing, and just a nice atmosphere, though we didn’t have the restaurant to ourselves!

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              • Sounds great, but too bad about the gluten issue.
                I might have exaggerated a bit. Firehouse Subs was empty when we first walked in, but after about five minutes some more people came in. But it never got crowded.
                We took advantage of their Valentine’s Day special and got one sandwich free, with the purchase of the other. So now we know where to go to next year for Valentine’s.

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  2. love those songs you shared! my favourite is an oldie – Fools Rush in by Elvis – has been after I was serenaded as a young college student by a boy who became a lifetime friends though our puppy love never went beyond youthful exuberance. happy Valentine’s day to you and Brad, one of the sweetest couples I know, both of you exude respect and love in everything you do.

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    • Oh yes I like some songs by Elvis too. What a sweet memory of being serenaded by that song. That is great that even though the romance didn’t pan out that you became lifetime friends! I was serenaded with “Love me Tender”. 🙂
      Awh! You are too kind with your words about Brad and I. Thank you sweet friend! ♥️

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