Under the Starlit Sky … Part 2

If you missed Part 1, here is the link. Under the Starlit Sky


Jinx, Snowball and Alabaster were standing on the floor of the spaceship looking around in awe.  They had to squint for it was so bright inside, everything had a vibrant orange glow to it, and the brightness almost burned their eyes until they adjusted to the light.

The music had stopped, much to Jinx’s disappointment. He had been trying to determine where he recognized the tune from, but hadn’t been able to figure it out.

“Oh wow! How cool is this!” Alabaster shouted. Snowball and Jinx went over to Alabaster to see what had him so excited. Snowball rolled his eyes when he saw it and Jinx said he would prefer some hot tea, as they stared at the coffeemaker on the counter.

Meanwhile Snowball when over to the refrigerator and was very glad to see it stocked with bottled water. He grabbed a bottle out and drank it straight down. “Ahh! Now this is real, pure refreshment.”

Alabaster waited impatiently for the coffeemaker to be done making coffee.

Jinx was busy looking at the large control board with all its buttons and levers.

At last the coffee maker was done, and Alabaster poured himself a cup.

Suddenly the spaceship lurched causing the coffee to spill out of Alabaster’s cup.

“Oops! I guess now we know what that red lever does when you pull it!” Jinx said sheepishly.

“Oooh you are a genius!” said Snowball as he got up off the floor, having lost his balance when the spaceship took off.

“So now we are flying around in the night sky, having no clue to where we are going or how to stop this thing from moving, so what are we going to do?” Snowball asked.

” I see a full coffee pot, so I know what I am gong to do. I need to pour myself another cup of coffee. Coffee gives me hope. ”

Snowball had now come over to look at the control board with Jinx. They thought that perhaps 2 heads were better than one, though in their case it  didn’t work very well. They were looking at the control board, feeling totally confused and clueless.

“Whoa!”  they all shouted. There was a sudden huge increase of speed.

“Pull the lever back down Jinx!” Jinx quickly did and the spaceship slowed down.

Jinx laughed, “Well that was fun!”

From a little distance away he and Snowball heard Alabaster muttering to himself. They looked at him across the room and tried to hold back their laughter as they saw him standing with his coffee cup in hand and a puddle of coffee at his feet.

Snowball walked over the fridge and pulled out another bottle of water and offered it to Alabaster. “No thanks!” he said in a disgruntled tone.  “I will just go make another pot of coffee. Will you two stooges be able to keep this spaceship flying smoothly?

“Of course we will, are you doubting that we know what we are doing?”

Alabaster shook his head. “If you guys think you know what you are doing you are quite delusional!”

Jinx put out his hand to Jangle. “I will take a bottle please, for I am rather thirsty and not sure if I will be getting any coffee anytime soon.”  They looked at each other and laughed.

Snowball and Jinx kept looking but they just kept getting more and more confused.

“i don’t see any lever or button that says anything about landing on it. I am afraid we are stuck just floating around in the sky. It sure would help if I shared a brain with someone who was an expert at flying spaceships, but I don’t know of anyone.” said Jinx, feeling hopeless.

“Maybe we are headed to the moon, think how cool that would be!” chimed in Alabaster, who was feeling happier now that he was drinking coffee. “Lets just sit back and enjoy the ride!”

Snowball and Jinx looked at each other, he had a point, there was nothing else they could really do.

They all were chatting when Alabaster stopped in mid sentence and said, “Umm…I think something weird is happening ” He was trying to stifle a laugh while talking.

“What?” Snowball and Jinx looked at him.

“Just take a look at each other! I do believe something was wrong with that bottled water. Never trust water! Do you guys feel okay? Sure hope its not poisonous.”

Snowball and Jinx were speechless as they looked at each other. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Alabaster was holding his stomach from laughing so hard.

Their skin was Emerald Green and Blue! Left side of their body was Emerald Green and the right side was blue! What were they going to do!

Jinx felt himself begin to shake. He was rolling from side to side.

“Jinx Jinx, wake up! Wake up!” Jangle was shaking him. Are you okay? You have been yelling like crazy. The only words I could make out was “I am emerald blue, I am emerald blue!”

Jinx sat straight up, and touching his hands to his face and looking at his arms, ignoring Jangle. He bounced out of bed and ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror. He sighed with visible relief! He wasn’t Emerald blue.  It was only a dream, just a very crazy dream!

He went down the hall to find Jangle. “Jangle you will never believe what I dreamed last night. I was outside  looking at stars when …’

Their front door burst open and Snowball rushed in. “You guys gotta help me! I woke up this morning and LOOK!”

Jangle’s mouth dropped to the floor and Jinx fainted.  Half of Snowball’s body was Emerald green and the other half was blue!



21 thoughts on “Under the Starlit Sky … Part 2

  1. So how does Jinx put out his hand to Jangle, while in the spaceship, when Jangle is supposed to be back on earth, sleeping?
    I think Jason is Alabaster, and you are Jinx.
    Snowball turned green and blue because he slept outside on the lawn. The green is grass stains, and the blue is from cold skin.
    Now that I’ve debunked everything, I think I’ll take a shower. Have to wash this mysterious green and blue stuff off my body.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So, the moral of the story is that if you park your spacecraft on an alien planet, you should lock it up.

    And don’t forget the best aspect of coffee – drinking coffee generally makes you irresistible to the ladies. Or is it resistable? I can never remember which. Irregardless of that, I don’t really have a point to make with this paragraph.

    I was hoping for more of the moon in this story. I think that there would be just enough gravity to drink a cup of coffee there.

    I watched a movie that had real time video of Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon with overlayed radio traffic back to mission control. Nobody had ever landed a spacecraft on the moon before or under similar gravity. It was all completely unknown. An ambiguous alarm kept going off that people couldn’t decipher. Some guy at mission control was calling out fuel status. Neil was trying to pick a place to land. 0% chance of surviving anything that went wrong. His heart-rate was off the charts. And he stuck the landing. Nerves of steel.

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  3. Well that could be one moral to the story.. The other moral could be not to drink water or you may turn emerald blue, aren’t you glad you didn’t.
    Hmmm…not sure if its coffee that makes one irresistible to the ladies. Perhaps its a man that can cook, a gourmet chef and he fixes coffee from the finest roasted beans every morning. 🙂
    I watched a movie like that before too, forget what it was called. Sorry you all didn’t make it to the moon, I was afraid you guys might not have nerves of steel, and that your blood pressure would go so high that it would kill you, I couldn’t kill you all off. I am nicer than that.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I thought I would clue you in on a little background information about this story. One that “Jinx” and “Snowball” already know, because they were following my blog before you. In writing a post long ago, I was talking about the color of the sky. I wanted something besides just blue, and different words were gong through my head and somehow I wrote “emerald blue.” So unlike me to make mistakes! Haha!
      As you can guess, Jinx caught the mistake and every now and then, him and Snowball like to throw that term into comments they may make.
      This would be why they turned “emerald blue” and you didn’t and because you were smart and drank coffee. 🙂

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      • Emerald black coffee.

        I try to reread what I write a couple of times before I hit send. You should see the silly things that I sometimes unwittingly write. My hands just often type stuff that my brain wasn’t thinking.

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        • Haha! Black coffe is still yucky even if its emerald!

          Oh believe me I reread my posts too, really! I reread this post 3x, but did I catch the slip up of Jangle’s name! Nope! My brain just likes to pretend it sees what I intended to write even though its not really there!

          Liked by 1 person

  4. “My brain just likes to pretend it sees what I intended to write even though its not really there!”

    That looks like English, and sounds like English … but that is where the similarities end. Perhaps the part of your brain that isn’t there, is the part that Karen has? Your theory about sharing a brain with her is starting to have some credibility!

    Liked by 1 person

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