Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. When your one friend is soaking up the rays in Florida, and another is leaving to do the same and you are watching it rain!

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2. Don’t be fooled, its not just animals that are good at camouflage. 


3. Make memories for the music box of your heart, where the beautiful melody of happiness can be played over and over again! 





14 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. I am loath to admit that Friday’s Super Short Stories becomes Sat-fri-urday’s because yesterday I was still so enmeshed in the week’s politics. In view of this, I must humbly beg your forgiveness for my unforgivable transgression. On the first short story…Florida has become a less desirable vacation destination for me since he who shall not be named moved his primary residence from New York to Florida. I daresay, mayhaps there are those Floridians who have since moved theirs to New York. That said, I not only enjoy watching the rain but also walking in it. One must always remember that there are many who only wish that they had sufficient rainfall to do the same. On the second short story…the word camouflage always reminds me of some words found in Angelica Hopes book “Landscapes of a Heart, Whispers of a Soul” : “Camouflage with a defensive grace and bounce back with joy.” On the third short story…YES!! Thank-you!

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    • You are always forgiven! 🙂
      I understand what you are saying about Florida but I won’t let that stop me from enjoying the beautiful palm trees and beaches there. :)Ans yes you are right, many do wish for rain, so I will choose to dance in it!
      That book you quoted from sounds good! Will look it up. Always love your book suggestions.


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