Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I learned that yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. I remember studying about it in school and how awful I felt for the Jews, how it boggled my mind at how people could be so cruel to others. Sadly today, so many years later, it still boggles my mind at the cruelty of some humans. As my first quote says, “remember it didn’t start with gas chambers….” If that would have happened right away there would have been a huge outcry, no, it was much more subtle than that, and we need to not forget that!

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20 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. Your first quote really does say it all, and yet divisive politics is still prevalent. While it may not go to the extremes that were experienced in Germany … it may! It just needs nurturing over time so that the general population start to believe it, and once you have a few million people believing that a certain race/creed/colour/religious choice are a national threat, then there is a serious problem.

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  2. Excellent choices, one and all! For me it is impossible to reflect on “Holocaust Remembrance Day” without mention of Elie Wiesel. Not only was he a professor, political activist and writer but also a Holocaust survivor. If you read none of his many books but one, do read “Night” and understand the Holocaust from this first person perspective. “What hurts the victim most is not the cruelty of the oppressor, but the silence of the bystander.” – Elie Weisel. Thank-you!

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