Ten Crazy Laws!

We have a game called “The Dumbest Laws”, and it tells about laws that were actually on the books years ago. Were they enforced may be another question, but they were declared a law.  So for your enjoyment here is a list of some of the craziest laws! Have you heard of others? What is a crazy law that you would like to make?

1, You cannot enter the state of Wisconsin with a chicken on your head.

2. Here is one for all you chocolate lovers, sorry, but if you are in Idaho, a man cannot give his fiance a box of chocolates that weighs more than 50 pounds! You will have to settle for a 49 pound box!

3. For those of you who like to sleep, don’t fall asleep in a cheese factory in South Dakota, it is illegal!

4.  Do you own a camel? I am sorry, but you cannot ride it on the highway in the state of Nevada.

5. If you are a woman and you are married and live in Texas, you must first obtain permission from your husband before you get false teeth.

6. But Men don’t laugh at Number 5, for if you live in Nevada, and you have a mustache it is illegal for you to kiss a woman!

7. In North Dakota be careful about singing out loud, for it is illegal to sing off key!

8. in Illinois it is illegal to eat in a place that is on fire. I don’t think I would really want to eat in a place that was on fire, may not be the best atmosphere!

9. In Switzerland you cannot flush the toilet after 10pm! Hmmm….

10. I like this one from Switzerland as well. It is illegal to ski down the slopes while reciting poetry! I can tell you that if I would ever attempt to try skiing, I would not be able to concentrate on reciting poetry, I would just be focused on not falling!

22 thoughts on “Ten Crazy Laws!

  1. These are all good laws, and the world would be a more orderly place if people would only abide by them. The problem with this world is that people have no regard for the law. And that’s why this world’s a mess.
    I would write a law that prohibits making a comment on a blog that says, “No comment.” It makes no sense, because “No comment” is a comment. Blogs must make sense if they are to be orderly and logical.

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  2. I am in favor of the 50 pound box of chocolates law. Something about Forrest Gump’s mother is trying to form in my brain, but has not yet taken shape.

    I am also, oddly in favor of the false teeth law.

    Being a firm believer in civil disobedience, though, I do suggest that we all acquire chickens and gather at the Wisconsin border.

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