What is your “OOPS?”

This post tonight is brought to you with thanks to my husband. I wasn’t planning on a post today, but then we were talking about this at supper and I thought, why not!

Did any of you hear about what happened on the game show Family Feud? We don’t watch it, but I happened to read about it today and I shared it with Brad at supper. There was one question before the bonus round, and the question was “What is Popeye’s favorite food?”  A lady hit the buzzer excitedly and confidently said, “Chicken!” as she did a little dance showing how confident she felt. Her family groaned as the other team laughed and only then did she realize that the question wasn’t about the restaurant, Popeyes.  It was about the cartoon figure Popeye, whose favorite food is Spinach! OOPS!

But her “OOPS!” got her the attention of “Popeye’s” and they sent her a $10,000 dollar gift card for Popeye’s food. That should last her a real LONG time!

Now for how my husband plays a role in this post. After I told him about this incident, he looked at me, without missing a beat,  and said with a smile, “If you would get paid for every time you said something wrong, we would be rolling in the dough!”  He is hilarious, isn’t he. Unfortunately I couldn’t disagree with him!

So is there something crazy that you do, blunders you make, things you say, that if you got paid for, you would be rolling in the dough as well?  Feel free to share it below!

33 thoughts on “What is your “OOPS?”

  1. I suggest taking a vow of silence and never saying another word. That might be just the thing that could help poor Brad.
    I’m trying to figure out what my common blunders are, but this is a difficult challenge. I’ll get back to you.

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  2. Oh my, but you are such a tolerant woman! If I had been sitting in your chair, Brad would have at the very least gotten the leftovers dumped upon his head!

    My own ‘oopsies’ are too numerous to even begin listing, and my significant other knows to keep his mouth shut! 😉

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  3. I saw that clip, it was quite funny but I did not hear about the follow-up – makes the story even better. If I got paid for every useless blog post I’ve made, I could retire, and crank out even more useless posts…

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