The Tale of Two Houses

Once upon a time, there was a little yellow house with a wrap around porch, where a family lived with their teenaged son.

Mom calls up to her son, ” Time for supper!”

The son came down the stairs slowly, while keeping his eyes on his phone and tweeting.

The Mom rolled her eyes, “We really need to discuss how much time you spend on that phone sending tweets. Tell me please, what is so important that you are tweeting about? Are you telling your friend how concerned you are about the environmental crisis going on, and trying to think of ways to help out?  Or perhaps you are thinking of ways to fix the economy.

“Mom!” Her son rolled his eyes, ” Its not about any of that stuff.”

“Oh, really, so when your light was on at 3am the other night, you weren’t tweeting about anything of major importance.  Maybe you  were studying up on foreign relations?”

“Not exactly,” her son muttered under his breath. “But it was important, there was this kid who I needed to set straight. He had said something about me that I didn’t like.”

The Mom shook her head slowly, “Oh, I see, you were doing your best to help create world peace. Well put your phone down for now, and we will talk as we eat.”

The son sighed, ” Mom you just don’t get it!” and tossing his phone on the couch, he walked to the table for supper.

Once upon a time there was a large, White house, and a man who lived there and was tweeting on his phone as he slowly came down the stairs. After sending out a tweet, a smug expression appeared on his face. “That will show him! Now who else is on my list to give a hard time too.”  he muttered to himself.

“Mr. President, your supper is ready to be served.”

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