Cookies for Daddy

946a7a9f2dc3b62aabad68548b454b05 artist Morgan Westling (painting off of Pinterest)

“Daddy is going to be so happy! I gonna make this taste so yummy!”

Little Molly was excited. Mommy was out grocery shopping, so she was going to have a tea party with Daddy. She was making some cookies, they only took  a few ingredients and Mommy said they were easy enough for her to make. Mommy had all the ingredients sitting out on the counter. Daddy would put them in the oven when the cookies were ready to be baked.

“Daddy, the surprise is ready to be baked!” Molly yelled.

Smiling he put his book down, and walked into the kitchen. Molly hadn’t wanted him in there earlier for she wanted to surprise him. Daddy loved surprises!

“Oh these look really good Molly! Can I eat one now?” He pretended to take a cookie from off the cookie sheet.

“No Daddy!” Molly batted away his hand as she shook her finger at him, you must have patience.

He laughed, as he wiped a little flour off the tip of Molly’s nose.

“What shall we do as we wait for the cookies to bake?” he asked Molly.

Molly quickly had an answer. ” You can read to me Daddy. You didn’t finish my bedtime story last night, you fell asleep!”

They walked over to the couch and Molly climbed up onto her Daddy’s lap.

Daddy gave a sheepish grin, “I thought you fell asleep while I was reading last night.”  he said.

Molly grinned, ” I was just pretending. Then I started to fall asleep but you started snoring!. You were loud Daddy!”

Molly started squirming as her Daddy tickled her, then they settled down and he started to read.

The timer went off, just as Molly’s Mommy walked in the door. She looked at Molly and her Daddy all cozy on the couch and told them that she would get the cookies out, they could keep reading.

When she walked into the kitchen she saw the spilled flour, but just shook her head and smiled. Molly would get older and learn how to clean up. She started putting away things when she noticed that the sugar bowl  she had set out was still full, but the salt canister was totally empty. That’s strange, she thought, what was the salt doing down. Oh yeah, she had got the canister down to fill it up right before she left. She looked at the full sugar bowl once again and the empty salt canister and it dawned on her what happened.

“Mommy, Mommy! Are the cookies ready to eat? ”  Molly came running into the kitchen pulling Daddy behind her.

“They sure smell good!” Daddy said.

“You can have the first one, Daddy!” said Molly.

“Umm… Molly honey, I am not sure if the cookies are quite ready yet.”

“But they look ready Mommy!”, Molly said.

“Yes, they do. I think Mommy is just jealous because you didn’t offer her the first cookie.” Daddy said to Molly with a grin.

“Sorry Mommy, these are for Daddy.”

Mommy smiled big as she assured Molly that was quite fine, when Molly handed the first cookie to Daddy.

“Thank you so much, that is very nice of you.” he replied, as he took a cookie from Molly.

Molly watched in anticipation as Mommy’s eyes sparked with amusement,  watching Daddy eat the cookie.

“Daddy your eyes are getting really big!” Molly exclaimed.

Mommy poured a tall glass of water and handed it to him as she bit her lip with a smile.

Molly piped up, “Mommy, I am sorry, but I used up all your sugar, see.. and she pointed to the empty canister of salt on the counter. Daddy didn’t see, for he was busy pouring himself another glass of water.

“Mommy is Daddy Okay?” Molly asked with a frown, he sure is coughing a lot.”

“Daddy will be just fine my dear, why don’t we go and read some more books.” Mommy said, trying to smother her laughter as they walked out the kitchen door.

29 thoughts on “Cookies for Daddy

  1. I guess this is what Daddys get when they make smart remarks about Mommys. I got a good laugh out of this story.
    Reminds me of the time when I was a kid and made my very first batch of cookies. The recipe called for a teaspoon of salt. But I misread it, and thought it was a cup of salt. The result did not taste very good. I know how your “Daddy” in this story must have felt.

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    • Glad you got a good laugh out of it, its purpose was served and yes Daddys should watch out when they make smart remarks, you never know what may happen! 🙂
      LOL at you actually having done it when you were a child! Would have enjoyed seeing your face when biting into the cookie! I can just imagine.
      This summer we had a family reunion on my husband’s side and his favorite Aunt of mine made a big batch of noodles. Here she accidentally put in twice as much salt as was called for. I was cracking up for I love noodles, but these were not gluten free, so I didn’t get any. For once I was very happy to be gluten free as others were reaching for their water glasses. 🙂

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  2. Easy mistake, but as loving parents, they don’t like to see a child’s efforts wasted.
    I made my Mum and Dad breakfast in bed when I was about 9. I burned the toast, and found the tea in the teapot, but when they cut into their boiled eggs they were still raw as I hadn’t let the water boil first. I’ve still not achieved the perfect boiled egg.

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  3. “These cookies are yummy sweetie, but how did you make them have this blue color?”

    “I used that bottle that mommy keeps under the sink. I saw her use it to clean the windows once.”

    “Daddy, why are you taking a nap on the floor?”

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  4. Cute story!

    I’ve had a similar reaction to the food at some restaurants ~ e.g., Red Lobster is way too heavy handed with the salt. Last time we went (it’s been a LONG time), I had to drink gallons of water to flush the salt out of my system. Lesson learned. We haven’t been back.

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