Are you Sleeping?



This is me when I come home after working night shift. I recently started staying with an elderly lady one night a week, for she is up a lot at night and doesn’t like being alone. She is very sweet and its been going well.  I have been able to stay awake, and haven’t had any trouble driving a short 10 minute drive home at night. Its kind of cool being on the road when no one else is around. I may pass 1 or 2 cars on my way home and that’s it.

The dogs happily greet me at the door with their tails a wagging, wondering at this new schedule of mine, but adapting to it. The house is still dark and quiet as everyone is still in bed. I get home at about 4:15 am. I can still feel fairly awake as I go back to the bedroom, but as soon as my body hits the bed, its like a comatose feeling comes over me. My husband gets up around 4:30 and he kisses me bye and that’s the last thing I know before I enter dreamland. I then sleep for a few hours, before my body wakes up thinking it should be up for its daytime after all. Then I catch another nap or 2 during the day.

Tonight I leave in a little bit to go, and this will be the first time I worked 2 nights in a row, the one lady who was supposed to be there tonight had to call off. If my family thinks I am zombie like during the day after one night of not much sleep, I am not sure what tomorrow will be like. So I am just warning you all in advance. If “Friday’s Super Short Stories” seem a little crazy tomorrow, you will know why.

So for those planning to sleep tonight, grab a little shut eye for me as well and if you are awake tonight, know that you aren’t alone! I am with you in spirit!




22 thoughts on “Are you Sleeping?

  1. Sounds like flying to the other side of the world and then returning. I am usually OK, but sometimes it takes a few days to get my body back to being tired at the right time. I have been barely able to stay awake in the afternoon the following day or so after returning.

    Sometimes when the Asians come over here, they look horribly tired their first Monday in the office. I feel bad for them as I am laughing.

    For some strange reason, it isn’t the same going the other way for me.


      • There is plenty of coffee. I usually tell them to go back to the hotel and get some rest.

        Going there, I arrive basically at dawn two days later and the trick is to just stay awake the entire day and not sleep until night. This quickly gets me in synch. I usually arrive on a Saturday so by Monday I am fine.

        Coming back, you leave at dawn local time and travel for 30 something hours and arrive late at night the same day at home. I find this harder to deal with.

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