The Journey has begun!



I hope everyone has been enjoying the first day of the New Year! Whether you been vegging on the couch, (like me) or celebrating with friends and family, I hope that the day has brought many smiles. I don’t have anything of great wisdom to share, but did want to thank all of you for continuing to read my “nuggets” that I do enjoy posting and plan to continue. I really do appreciate it! Who knows what posts could be in store for this year, your guess is probably as good as mine. I just know that I want to continue spreading joy and smiles in a world that can always use it and thank you for the smiles that all of you bring to me! I can assure you of one thing, the fun characters that you have come to enjoy, like Jinx, Jangle, Snowball, Alabaster and all the friends of the North Pole,  along with Frank and George, will continue to have crazy adventures. 

I may not know where the road for 2020 leads!


But I do know a few things. I know that traveling down the road with me will be my faith, which keeps me strong, and my family and friends that fill me with love and keep me laughing.  I know that no matter where the road may take me that with those 3 things its bound to be a fantastic adventure amidst the dips and curves in the road. Happy New Year dear friends, may there be hidden surprises for all of you to find along the way! 


18 thoughts on “The Journey has begun!

    • Funny thst is what Colin says too. Perhaps you relate better to Snowball or Alabaster or maybe Frank and George? Hmmm…. who knows! But glad you are looking forward to their mishaps, I mean adventures in the coming year.

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