Countdown to 2020

Advice to start 2020 off right! 

Right before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st make sure you raise your left leg, that way you will start the year off on the RIGHT FOOT! 🙂 

Are you ready for the New Year? Just a couple days away. We are getting together with dear friends this evening, they are on their way as I type. Always look forward to seeing them, good conversation and laughter is a guaranteed thing! Friendship is a blessing that I intend to carry on into the New Year! 

I have a simple fun exercise for you all to do, to help prepare for 2020. It requires no physical exertion! Leave a word or a phrase below of cheer or wisdom to take into the New Year. Words that will help to start the year off with a SMILE, for that is one way of starting it off on the right foot! There is only one catch, which may make you think just a little bit harder. Let the word or the the phrase begin with the first letter of your first name. 

I will start it off with a phrase that came to my mind right away that always brings me a smile. 


Your turn now! 



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