A Gingerbread Artist or Not?

Baking done

Gifts delivered by Santa’s sleigh, just waiting for one more delivery tomorrow. 

Gift wrapping half done, (thanks to my hubby) 

Stockings filled

Cards sent, though some got sent later than planned, but they will at least make it before the New Year! 

Gingerbread houses made …. Nope! As I have said before I am not artistic in any way, so they don’t get made here, at least not by me. My kids did enjoy making them when they were little. Do you make gingerbread houses? Have yours looked like the following ones at all? The other weekend when we were in town for a parade, they were displaying gingerbread houses and these were some of the best. 




Is this is an example of how you do Gingerbread houses or do you relate to the following one more? 


No matter how creatively artistic you are or aren’t, I hope you are having a wonderful, not too stressful time leading up to Christmas! And that you aren’t sweating too much, worried about whether you are on Santa’s naughty or nice list. 

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!! 




29 thoughts on “A Gingerbread Artist or Not?

  1. I’m not sure I could make a gingerbread house as good as yours. You display an amazing sense of balance, getting that roof and those walls to stand without collapsing. Although it doesn’t look as appetizing as the others.

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