Friday’s Super Short Stories!

When your great-niece is too snug in her little “submarine” and hasn’t got the message yet about it being time to evacuate! 

When the cake is sweet … but the love wrapped into it is even sweeter! 

Another year older …  and the heart made even more SWEETER, by the gifts (that can’t be tied with a bow)  of love from family and friends !

30 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. Happy birthday! 🎂
    I don’t blame your great-niece. But sadly, she will soon be kicked out of her cozy little submarine. But that’s okay, because she has a great aunt who will make sure she gets the royal treatment.

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    • Thanks Kind Tippy! 🙂
      Your sweetness may need to rub off on Jason! LOL!
      Yes, I will roll out the red carpet for her, even though she missed coming on my birthday! We will still share the same month and December is the best month of all! 🙂

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      • I’m not so sure that December is a good month for a birthday. I’ve heard that people with December birthdays get less Christmas presents, due to all the birthday gifts they get. Better to have a birthday in June, I think.

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        • Haha! That can happen, but having the birthday early in the month helps!
          June is a nice month too. 🙂
          My husband and I don’t know what we were thinking though when we decided to get married in December. Fof yes Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas all affezt the wallet

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          • One nice thing about being born in December, is that your parents get to claim you as a dependent for the whole year. So your parents get a tax break. And you get a similar tax break when getting married in December.


        • The trick is to find a woman who was born between Christmas and Valentines day, and if you have to, marry her during that time as well. That was you can get all of that out of the way within a couple of months each year and have the rest of the year to be worry free. Unless you have kids, then you have to keep track of mother’s day.

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          • Sounds like you have it all figured out! I do have 2 questions though. your “if you have to,” line…?? I probably shouldn’t ask. LOL
            We will go to your other line, “worry free”, sooo, its a “worry” to buy us women gifts? Just asking. 🙂

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            • Yes, it is a worry. Seldom have I ever gotten the right gift and then it was probably by accident.

              “If you have to” was mostly me kidding around. You really wouldn’t want to take happy matrimonial advice from me.

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              • I figured you were kidding with the ” If you have to”, just had to let you know that I noticed. 🙂 I’m awake this morning, sometimes those things pass right over me. Sorry about the “happy matrimonial advice” part, but hey, things can always change, who knows, one day perhaps you will be able to write a book, just like Tippy said. 🙂

                Sorry about gift giving being a worry. I make it easy for Brad. I do know though that’s not always the story and it works that way for buying for men as well. But Brad and I are laid backed enough, that we don’t mind returning things. I have already got him CD’s that he already has. But hey, when one has such an extensive collection, its easy to do!


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