The Music in the Woods

Its that time again. Time to give your brain cells a little workout. I will write an opening to a story and you can feel free to add to the story in the comments below.

I hope some take up the challenge, for if not this is going to be a very short story!

“She was out on a walk and decided to take a short cut through the woods. She watched a russet brown striped chipmunk scamper up a tree and then she stopped in her tracks. Where was the music coming from?

82 thoughts on “The Music in the Woods

  1. There was a Barn Owl high up in an old Oak tree, and playing a violin!
    She (who doesn’t seem to have a name), called up “Hey Mr Barn Owl. How did you learn to play the violin?”
    The owl looked down at her and blinked “Well,first … I am not a Mr. and second, the same way you would if you really wanted to play well. Practise! Practise! Practise.”
    The girl was totally focused on the owl now. “Hey Mrs Barn Owl. You do play extremely well.”
    The owl tipped her head to one side and rolled her eyes. “I am not a Mrs. either!”
    “Oh,” said the girl with no name, “What are you?”
    “I am a Barn Owl! Is your species always this slow to process simple facts, or perhaps you should have asked a different question?”
    “Well I know that you’re a Barn Owl” she said sharply.
    The owl now fixed her unblinking eyes on her “Well why did you ask what I am? You knew right away that I was a Barn Owl.”
    The girl smiled “Yes but if you’re not a Mr. or a Mrs. …. what are you?”
    The owl walked sideways along the branch to get closer to her. “Well perhaps that is the question you should have asked. I am very familiar with your species and you are very adept at not asking direct questions. Then you complain because you are misunderstood. Amazing!”
    “Well,” said the no-name girl, “what are you if not a Mr. or a Mrs. … and do you have a name?”
    “I am a Ms.,” said the owl, “and my name is Odessa. What’s yours?”
    The girl was playing with hair and looking down at her feet. “I don’t know.” she said sadly “The writer of this Post did not give me one.”

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  2. She looked up and saw three chipmunks high on a branch, with musical instruments, and singing in high-pitched voice as if they had inhaled helium. The combo finished their song, and she applauded and asked them what they called their band.

    One stepped forward and said his name was Alvin. And he added that his band was called Alvin and The Chipmunks. He then introduced his two bandmates, Simon, and Theodore.

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  3. She began to walk toward the music. With each passing step, the music became more beautiful to her and her desire to find its source grew in intensity. Eventually, she found that she was running through the woods with an urgency and focus that she didn’t understand. As she ran, branches pulled at her hair and scratched her face, but still she focused on the music and finding its source. She saw skunks, squirrels, snakes, birds, and other animals fleeing in the opposite direction as if to get away from the music. But, she did not stop to wonder why or ponder the possible danger that may lie ahead.
    The forest began to glow around her with an unnatural light, and she began to hear a slow pulsing behind the music. The pulsing grew in intensity as she approached and she began to feel it though the ground. There were no more animals to be seen or any other of the natural noises to be heard. But still, with blood running from scratches on her face, she pressed on toward the source of the music.
    Finally, she burst through the brush into a clearing and found the source of the music. She hurried toward the large glowing spacecraft, past the two observing aliens, and up the ramp until she was surrounded by the music and light. The she seemed to exist for months or years in heart of the beautiful music. She really had no notion of movement or time, just music.
    Then, the music stopped. She woke up from her music fueled fog and saw strange forms that should could not identify. They moved as though the were alive. They began to push and prod her toward a doorway. When she stepped through the doorway and out of the spacecraft she emerged to find an unimaginable terror that froze her in place…

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    • Oh my gosh, your brain cells got quite the work out with that story! I am rather afraid to ask what has her frozen in place but the story CAN’T end there. My curious nature needs to know what happens!! So it looks like your brain cells need a little more exercise. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • She found herself in a cold room, lit by mostly green light. There were what appeared to be tables surrounded by tools, equipment, and glowing panels with some indecipherable glyphs and graphics. The tables lined one side of the room and on the opposite side were the tanks and cages. In the cages were disfigured people. Some were living and some couldnโ€™t possibly be alive. The colors were all cool greens and blues as though the warmer colors didnโ€™t exist in this place.
      In the nearest was a man, but his eyes were now pale yellow and green and much too large for a human face. His arms and hands we identifiable as human, as was his ripped pull-over hoodie proclaiming his allegiance to the Oklahoma Sooners. But through the rips in the hoodies passes tubes that carried various chemicals and compounds into and out of his body. He looked at her, with what appeared to be panic in is horribly alien eyes. His mouth was agape and he appeared to be screaming without making any sound. He reached and waved for her as if to warn her, but they both knew that it was too late.
      The girl was frozen in place and couldnโ€™t even take enough breath to scream. She was prodded from behind as three cold green claws grabbed her and ushered her to the third table. Seemingly without any effort, the strange alien forms lifted her and placed her on the table on her back. Immediately mechanical grasps found her arms, legs, neck and she was firmly secured to the table. It was then that she found the power to scream. She screamed with all her might and the sound was absorbed by the room in an unnatural way. The alien figures did not see to even notice the noises that she make. They looked at the green and black screen, studying the figures there on.
      She continued to panic and struggle against her restrains, but to no avail. She was not strong enough to bend or break whatever material they were made from. The aliens showed no compassion and seemed content to have her suffer while they prepared their machines and tools for whatever horrific procedures they were planning. The tortured man in the cage struggled, attempting to slip his restraints and help her, but he was as trapped as she and helpless to do anything but watch in terror and sorrow. He knew what sorts of horrors were in the girlโ€™s future.
      One of the creatures seemed to turn away from the screen and face her, if face was the right word. He picked up a sharp device from the tool tray and brought it towards her stomach. She flexed and screamed and struggled with all her might. The fear consumed her mind in the same way the music had in the forest. She could think of nothing but the terror that she felt through her entire body. When will this end?!?!?
      The alien brought the cutting tool to her waste, lifted her blouse and cut it vertically to expose her abdomen. A small instrument was then placed on her stomach. The aliens then appeared to focus their attention on the glowing screen. She looked up and saw the small image of her unborn fetus and she began to suspect why she had been brought to this place. The aliens studied the screen and appeared to investigate her fetus in several different ways. Strange glyphs appeared on the screen and faded away.
      After several minutes the aliens began to appear to focus on each other and fall into a trance. Were they conversing? What was happening. Exhausted by the fear and panic, she began to form coherent thoughts. In a raspy voice, she called for the man in the cage. โ€œWhat is happening here?โ€ โ€œWhat are these things?โ€. The man in the cage could only struggle and violently move his silent mouth as if trying to communicate.
      A short time later, more of the creatures entered the chamber. They moved almost silently across the floor with a cart sliding behind them and approached her table. They stopped beside her. Were they looking at her? She couldnโ€™t tell and they didnโ€™t have a recognizable face that she could detect. โ€œWhat are you doing?โ€ she screamed, but they seemed to be unaffected by her shouts and struggles.
      One of the new creatures removed a tube from the cart and restraints emerged from table and secured her head. And in a quick motion the alien inserted a tool into her mouth to spread her jaw and allow to the tube to be forced down her throat. She couldnโ€™t scream, she could only writhe in terror. She felt several stabbing pains as needles found veins in her neck and arms.
      The room appeared to grow very bright and then very dark and her consciousness and terror were gone, for now.

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