Her Heart Danced

Rachel was sitting in her overstuffed chair with a heart full of joy. Her brown and white Burnese Mountain dog was lying at her feet snoring away.

She stared into the fireplace watching the flames dance, as she reflected on her blessings.

Life was good. “I hope you dance” by LeeAnn Rhimes was playing on the radio and her heart danced along with the flames.

She danced with gratitude for a roof over her head and for heat as the cold wind blew outside dropping below freezing.

Thankful for the food that would be on her table in the morning and for the hands that had prepared it.

She danced with joy for her family and friends that she could trust would always be by her side.

For the beauty of the snow that would eventually fall and for the summer days when she could sit and soak up the sun.

Her heart danced as memory after memory came to her mind, bringing a smile upon her face.

Her life was rich indeed.

“Rachel are you ready to go to bed for the night?”

Rachel smiled at Tracey, “Yes, I am.”

Tracey lifted her into her wheelchair to roll her back the hallway to the bathroom.

The bedtime ritual they had down to a T. It had been 5 years now since the accident that had left her paralyzed from neck down.

Rachel laughed over a joke as Tracey lifted her into bed.

“Don’t you love the gift of laughter Tracey? It refreshes the soul.”

“It sure does my friend, it sure does. Happy Thanksgiving.”

Tracey started walking out of the door as Rachel started coughing. Soon she was back in the bedroom with Rachel’s glass with a straw and she held it up to her lips for her to take a drink.

“Thank you Tracey for all you do. I am so blessed. Happy Thanksgiving to you.”

Later that night Tracey tossed and turned, wishing she could fall asleep. Then she thought about how she could toss and turn herself. No one needed to lay her on her stomach or her side and a lump rose in her throat.

Her heart whispered. “Thank You Rachel for the inspiration you are.” and she smiled, knowing that Rachel knew the secret of gratitude. It was all about the attitude of your heart!


This is a fictional story. Just one that came to me last night as I was thinking about having a thankful heart. May all of you have your hearts dance today!

23 thoughts on “Her Heart Danced

  1. I feel grateful to know that any time you attribute an artist to a song, I had better fact-check it.
    Your story is an inspiration, though. In fact, now I want to run across a highway without looking both ways, just so that I can become a quadriplegic.
    As long as someone is mostly pain-free, I think there are always ways to be happy. Pain is the great robber of life quality, in my opinion. We may have differing views on this subject, but that’s my view.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha about the fact checking! If you saw my reply to Colin you will see that your days of fact checking my songs are over. I will only be naming the songs in future posts. So I guess the repertoire of songs that you and Colin have that I have messed up on is all you will get. πŸ™‚ I am thankful for that. LOL!

      And thanks for your other comments, but please do look both ways next time you cross rhe street. πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh gosh, I may be making a face right now. LOL!
      It has been quite awhile since I have seen a bErnese Mountain dog but you know how things just pop in my head. I knew they were pretty with their brown,white and BLACK markings. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for sharing this sweet story of gratitude no matter the situation life handed us, we can choose to find light and hope and be truly filled with joy for all the things we have. There are so many little things we take for granted every day, even without meaning to.😊❀️


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