Tuesday’s Thoughts!

I am still away from my computer but I did come across 3 quotes to share with all of you. Making it even easier for you to choose a favorite. Hope you have had a great start to the week and if not I hope things change. May these quotes at least bring some cheer to your day!

42 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. I am not sure the middle one is fair. If you gave me slide-rule, an older car with manual choke and starter, telegraph, and all that; I’d probably struggle. Aside from cursive handwriting, we don’t have those things anymore because we have something better.

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      • My exposure to snow was when I was a kid living in Tulsa. It sometimes meant a snow day and sledding down the hill or building snow forts half the day. So, positive memories.

        Also, it often looks very dead around here in the depths of January and February and some snow cover might make it prettier.

        So, maybe…

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        • Glad you were able to experience snow! It can be fun. I agree about it looking so dreary in January and February at times. Snow always makes things brighter. I especially love to watch it fall. Though you may need to remind me of what I am saying now, depending how bad this winter is!

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  2. Nice ones JR. I can particularly relate to the snow. It’s coming down now & it’s a wise quote. You might as well enjoy it b/c it’s gonna be there like it or not. Hope you’re doing good. How are things going w/ Dewey and the gang and your book?


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