Short Short Sunday Story

Glimpse into the future.

“Helmet”? Check!

” Bullet proof vest”? Check!

Mom hugs her son and gives him a kiss. “Be careful!”

She watches him get on the bus …. praying he will come back home.

Home from school ….

**In memory of Grace and Dominic. A 15 year old and a 14 year old who never came back home.**

Santa Clarita, California joined the list of school shootings on Friday, November 15th.

6 thoughts on “Short Short Sunday Story

  1. It’s very sad that a country with so many school shootings won’t learn anything from them except statistics.So many shootings on the streets hasn’t taught the Government that their politicians should not be accepting money from Pro Gun organisations. It’s obvious that the money is more important than the children’s lives.

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