Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Being prepared … is sleeping with one foot out of the covers … just in case a monster is under the bed!

Friendship with our furry, faithful, four legged friends, forever reminds us that love can speak volumes without a single word!

Babies bring indescribable joy! 9 months of waiting will soon be over and ecstatic expectation is in the air!

18 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

  1. [Life hack] There is so much junk stored under my bed that there is no room for a monster.

    And my dog’s love for me is only rivaled by her love for any food scrap that falls onto the floor. I am clearly second place to that. – “Hell, I can get petted on the head or scratches on the tummy anytime. That could be one of those frozen french fries that occasionally fall on the floor!”

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  2. We just watched a movie with “monsters” under the bed . . . and in the cupboard . . . and on the stairwell . . . and in the attic . . . and in the garden room . . .

    WINCHESTER = the house that spirits built!

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