In honor of….

Sometimes the day just gets away from you, and that is what happened today. I intended to write a post, but.. Life has a way of interrupting our plans!

By 8pm I had decided that there would be no post and I relaxed with my hubby on the couch for a little bit. Later I was finishing up laundry, because we all know that laundry never ends. I sat down again to relax for a moment and I saw in my email that a new post was posted.  I read it and my plan changed, I did have a post for today.

I hate war and I really don’t know anyone that likes it, but the fact is that it has happened and continues too.  The fact is that there are young men and women who bravely face the battlefield, making big sacrifices to do it. Young men and women like you and me who are doing what they feel called to do. Who face unimaginable horrors!

In honor of Veterans Day, I want to share a link to a touching poem on Colin’s blog. Please take a moment to read it.

Don’t take for granted the freedoms that we have. There were sacrifices made for them!

“A Soldier Died Today”



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