Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Having hope  is when there are 20 losses and 0 wins, but you still play the 21st game. 

Agreeing with someone is not a prerequisite to loving them! 

What makes you laugh out loud? Have you yet today? 

Let me help you out. Colin, from,  shared this on his blog over a year ago. For those who have already seen it on his blog, I thought you wouldn’t mind seeing it again and for those who haven’t,  you are in for a great treat! ENJOY!


23 thoughts on “Friday’s Super Short Stories!

    • HaHa! Oh gosh! I assure you it was not pertaining to a gambling addiction! 🙂
      The number was just pulled out of my head, I actually have had many more “losses”! LOL! But in something much more innocent than gambling!

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      • No doubt the understanding behind the “if at first you don’t succeed ………….. etc.” is that one’s brain is alive and well. i.e. If everything would suggest the possibility of a win … go for it. If you have learned from past losses and apply those learnings … go for it. If all you have as a basis for trying again is a hunch that you might win this time … that’s gambling! If you “feel it deep down” that this time the big lottery win will be yours …. that’s gambling! 🙂

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