The Selfie Obsession

Please tell me why people are so crazy? Yes, I know, hard question! I will try to make it a little easier. Why are people so obsessed with selfies! To the point that they will put themselves in perilous situations to take one!

We have all heard the stories, and recently I have heard more. The latest being that a passenger on the Royal Caribbean got booted off the ship after she was caught climbing over the railing so that she could take a selfie! The ship has strict rules about climbing on or over railings. Why do they need rules like that? Apparently due to people like this lady!

It was only a few weeks ago that my husband told me about a lady that climbed into a lion’s cage at a zoo. A wild lion! Does she not know that lions can be very dangerous and that even if she did get a selfie she may not survive to look at it?  Fortunately the lion wasn’t hungry and she did survive, but I am just sitting here shaking my head!

Not only were these people putting themselves at risk, they could have very well put others at risk too if they would have had to rescue them! Not to mention that the poor lion may have been killed if he would have attacked the lady, who invaded his territory.

Those  2 people were lucky they survived, but there are way too many reports of people that have suffered serious injuries or died while taking selfies! Wikipedia has a list,

Here are just a few examples from the list!

A Polish couple fell to their death off a cliff in Portugal after crossing a safety barrier to take a selfie with their children. Their two children who were present at the scene survived.

A 23-year-old student from Poland fell to her death while trying to take a selfie on the ledge of the Triana Bridge in Seville, Spain.

A man from San Diego was hospitalised for five days following an attempt to take a selfie with a rattlesnake which then bit him.

A woman in Yellowstone National Park was gored by an American bison while taking a selfie. She was treated for injuries.

In Campos dos Goytacazes in Rio de Janeiro, a 32-year-old woman died after she fell in a waterfall while attempting a selfie.

And I read lots of incidents of people climbing on top of a trains to take a selfie and getting electrocuted because of touching live wires!

I am all for pictures! I love taking pictures with my family and friends. Looking back on them and smiling at the memories. I can promise you though that there will be no pictures of me standing right next to a wild animal or dangling off a ship, or on the precipice of a cliff! A picture may be worth a 1000 words and I would rather the words not be.”Her last picture” inscribed on my tombstone! Keep taking pictures people, but please when you do, use your head!



80 years ago!

A great thing happened a very long time ago……………. You won’t read it in the news ………


But its worthy of making the headlines! My Dad was born 80 years ago today!!!!!!!


I LOVE you Dad, and couldn’t be prouder to call myself your baby girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Enjoy the little musical tribute. You always wanted to teach yourself piano, perhaps someday you can be like this guy! 🙂



Confusing Words

Having Celiac I am used to asking for sandwiches with no bun at restaurants. Thankfully more and more places are starting to carry gluten free buns, i just wish Olive Garden would come out with gluten free bread sticks!

One day I made a quick stop at a fast food restaurant. I went up to the counter and asked to please have a hamburger with no hamburger. Yes, you heard me right, that’s exactly what I said. I actually wondered why the cashier looked a little confused. I thought  it would help if I repeated myself and as I was repeating myself my face may have begun to grow a little warm. I quickly explained what I really wanted, as the cashier smiled. Though who knows what she was thinking in her head.

I know I can’t be alone in getting words mixed up sometimes, so feel free to give me some company and share a time when you may have said something that you did not mean to say!

Or perhaps it wasn’t what you said or wrote that you mixed up, but maybe, like my dear husband, you had the wrong definition for the word.

I will admit that I give my husband a lot of reasons to laugh, but there are the times that he will have a “red moment” as well! This happened a few years ago now but will always stay fresh in my mind! His Mom had sent a recipe home with us for the rolls that she made that he really liked. He was reading the ingredients and noticed that she wrote “a lot of elbow grease”.  He asked me where in the store would he pick up “elbow grease”.  I kid you not I was on the floor with tears running down my face! The poor guy didn’t know what was wrong with me.

She was referring to the fact that it takes “a lot of elbow grease” to roll out the dough.”  A term that dates back to the 17th century. I will say that I heard it a lot from my Mom growing up so I was very familiar with it. There are so many different sayings out there, so I can understand a little, but….it still cracked me up!

Your turn now! When have you confused some words? What things have caused you to be ferhoodled or perhaps put a little color in your cheeks. Remember Laughter is great medicine! Let us all enjoy your “emerald blue” moments! 🙂


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Brr! This morning was the coldest it has been yet. Summer is definitely gone! Yesterday I was craving a kind of cake that my Mom used to make a lot when we were growing up. It was a moist chocolate cake with homemade caramel icing. The best icing that I have had!

What food do you remember from your childhood that you loved ?

May those memories bring you smiles. Enjoy the quotes today, and I hope  that they leave a good taste in your heart!

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It All Started with a Letter … Part 2

This is Part 2 of a story that I didn’t think would have a Part 2. 🙂  For part 1 you can follow this link. I hope you enjoy both parts.  It All Started with A Letter


Samantha had been driving for about 2 hours now, her stomach was still full from the delicious breakfast at the diner and her excitement was growing. She should arrive at her destination in the next hour.

She noticed that she was heading deeper into the country. She had left behind the tall buildings of the city and was passing by  farms and creeks. Her smile grew bigger, for she loved traveling on back country roads.

The Weeping Willows trees by the creek  were so lovely! Then a few more miles down the road she saw two farmers  standing out in the field. The one was holding a shovel in his hand, while the other one was peering down the hole. She wondered what might be in the hole.

Only 3 miles to go! Her hands started getting a little sweaty, she soon would be there!

Rounding the bend, she gasped. The house was beautiful. It was a stone house, a lovely shade of russet brown, and it had a wrap around porch with a porch swing that looked so inviting.

Samantha pulled into the long drive, her heart was pounding as she parked. This was it! She would finally see her grandmother again, after way too many years of separation.

She had fond memories of her grandmother, but she had been so young when she had seen her last. She remembered how they would go berry picking together and she would let Samantha help her make strawberry pie. Then as the pie baked, she would hold her on her lap and they would read fun stories together out of Samantha’s favorite books. Samantha wiped a tear as she reminisced.

Her separation from Grammy Ella had been so abrupt and Samantha had cried and cried, for she was so confused about why her family moved so far away from her Grammy. Her Mom had let her write letters, but it wasn’t the same, she wanted to feel her hugs. Then suddenly the letters stopped. She was told that her Grammy had moved and they didn’t have the address, but that didn’t make any sense. Her parents acted strange but she couldn’t get anything out of them and eventually she went on with her life. She got busy with friends and school, but she never forgot her childhood memories of her precious Grammy.

When a certified letter came for her from her Grammy, she was speechless! There wasn’t much in the letter besides her Grammy telling her how she has thought of her so much over the years and that she longed to see her. For her to please come and visit. She sent money for the plane ticket. There was so much to explain the letter had said.

Samantha was a little hesitant to tell her Mom about the letter, but she did. Her Mom didn’t say much besides giving Samantha a big hug and telling her with some tears in her eyes, that she should go and see her. That it was time.

Samantha smiled through her tears when she saw her Grammy step out onto the porch. Her heart was in her throat. Suddenly her nerves about seeing her after so long vanished and she couldn’t get to the porch fast enough, as she ran.

“Oh my sweet Sammi! How I have missed you!”  her Grammy threw her arms around her and Samantha got lost in the magic of her hug. They had so much to discuss, so many things to explain, but for right now the questions didn’t matter, for finally she was once more,  back in her Grammy’s arms of love!




Friday’s Super Short Stories!

Sometimes things don’t always turn out as you expect …. Remember the boat ride  that was only supposed to be a “3 hour tour!” 

Imagination can be great in writing, except when it slams on its brakes and you are in the middle of the road. 

The JOY in a child’s heart when their birthday comes around shouldn’t leave when their an adult …. Birthdays should be celebrated at every age! 




It All Started with A Letter

The plane was landing. Samantha had dozed off, but was now awakened by the announcement to buckle up. Still clutching the folded envelope in her hand, Samantha buckled up, and closed her eyes once more, as the plane made its descent. She tried to calm the butterfly party that was going on in her stomach right now.  She hadn’t been nervous about the long flight, but she was nervous now about what was to come.  About where this journey may take her. The flight was the easy part, now very soon, her real journey would begin.

Samantha smiled at the stewardess who saw her off the plane, but her thoughts were miles away. Carrying her 2 pieces of luggage she entered the airport and headed towards the baggage claim area. People were talking all around her, but all she could hear were the loud thoughts in her head. The fact that she really was going to go through with this. That she had made it here, and now all she had to do was pick up her rental car and she would be off on the next leg of her journey.

She squeezed the hot pink envelope in her hand once again. Samantha had read and re-read the letter so many times that she had the lines memorized, but she felt she needed to look at it once more, to see the words in black and white,  to assure herself that this wasn’t a dream!

Emotions were welling up inside her, thinking of all the recent events that had brought her to this day. One day she is sitting in her cozy recliner at home, with her tiger orange striped cat laying on her feet and then there is a knock on her door. A special delivery for a Miss. Samantha Elkono . She signed for the certified letter and just like that her life was suddenly changing.

Samantha spotted her suitcase coming. She could easily pick it out because of the hot pink ribbons that she had tied around it. Grabbing it off the turnstile, she walked to the car rental place, hoping it wouldn’t take too long.

Fortunately the line wasn’t long at the car rental desk and she was opening the door to her sapphire blue Chevy Cruze in no time at all. She sank into the seat with a smile on her face, this was it, her adventure was about to begin!  First though, she needed to get some breakfast. Her stomach was reminding her that it had been a long night! The lady at the car rental place had told her of a 24 hour diner that was open close to the airport, so that is where she was headed.

Turning on the radio she was going through stations trying to find some tunes to start her day. She wasn’t usually an early morning riser, but she had to admit that the sky was looking amazing right now as the sun was slowly rising.

Samantha stopped searching as she heard Cat Steven’s voice singing “Morning has Broken”. Her heart was full. She gazed into the brilliant orange sunrise. Morning was breaking, and who knew what lied ahead, but starting off the day with some overeasy eggs and strawberry crepes sounded good to her right now.


Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! What are your thoughts today? Is something weighing heavily on your mind, or do you feel carefree at the moment? Watching the clock, and rushing about, or feeling at peace? Whatever your mood may be, I hope that you can enjoy a few moments of sitting back and relaxing by pondering on some of these quotes. And may today be exactly as Pooh Bear describes it!



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The Secret Recipe

5fef5a863a164459f4e13cf19432abd9                                       credit to Pinterest for this and the following pictures

The birds were singing in the trees.  A lovely spot to sit and write. Tabitha was so glad that she had this little hideaway in the woods. A place where she was only surrounded by the sounds of nature and could shut the rest of the world out.  A little, white bunny had been curiously looking at her a few moments ago,  but he didn’t stay for long, before he scurried away to his hole in the ground.


What would she write today? Would it be a daring adventure or a simple story of two people in love and lost in time? Perhaps a mystery will abound, or maybe a comical story about a pair of clowns. Perhaps elves would even appear.  A sentimental story she may choose to write, or maybe not a story at all, but a  thought provoking piece that would stir people’s thoughts.

She glanced up to pour herself another cup of tea and saw a bushy tailed squirrel scampering up a tree.


She thought of some of the past stories she had written and a smile crept onto her face. Tabitha thought about some of her characters and how perhaps their names had been cleverly disguised.

That is part of the mystery and fun in writing, she thought. The writer never knows what may inspire them. Real people and real events that can be woven into a story with some dashes of  creativity , and perhaps several large scoops of imagination. Mix in a generous portion of humor and depending on the story, sometimes an overflowing cup of heartfelt emotions. With all those ingredients a most unique recipe can be baked.  One that at times may have a few missing ingredients or accidentally get some ingredients confused. A recipe that may not be perfect, but that can still be enjoyed by all for the unique, flavorful taste it brings.

One that hopefully leaves a sweet taste behind, never a sour one.

One that is meant for all to partake of and enjoy. For when enjoyed by others, it adds a delectable flavor.

Pouring herself another cup of tea, Tabitha now knew what to write. She smiled with a sigh of contentment and stared into the eyes of the deer, that was peeking out from around the tree.