Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! How is your week going so far? Yesterday, felt like a Spring Day, it was beautiful here. Had the door open and washed some windows to see a little brighter. My day was also made a little brighter by a surprise that came in the mail. Gave a little extra skip to my day. How can you make someone’s day a little brighter today? Pass out some smiles today and have a Terrific Day!


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50 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Thoughts!

  1. On Tuesday’s Thoughts I find I must comment upon one particular quote found amongst the many fantabulous choices, forgive me if it becomes a Tuesday’s Tome. Beyond any doubt I would choose #2 for a number of reasons, not the least being that I have shared this quote innumerable times over the years but also because I am a fan of Teddy Roosevelt from whence came the beloved Teddy Bear. One can then easily understand my dismay upon very recently discovering that the quote has been misquoted not only by myself but by many others as well. My enlightenment came quite recently when a friend was in the spare bedroom (affectionately called Benjamin’s Room) where my computer resides (previously known as the Computer Room). We were printing out a recipe, a very yumalicious one as it turns out, when she spied and made mention of this very same framed quote hanging on my wall above the computer amidst many others that I love. She noticed that it is also on a small refrigerator magnet in my kitchen. She did not see the same quote that is also found in my bedroom. Each of them has Theodore Roosevelt’s name beneath the words, just as here and elsewhere I have always seen them attributed. During our consumption of the confection over cups of pumpkin spice coffee, she said that since I am so fond of Theodore Roosevelt I must read a book that belonged to her step-father. Shortly after departing, she returned with a very old book in near mint condition from 1921 titled Theodore Roosevelt : An Autobiography. There is a profusion of small pieces of paper throughout the pages that he had particularly liked and the papers made it easy for him to quickly reference them as desired. They have remained just so all these decades later. She told me to read the entire book at my leisure, but suggested that I begin with Page 357 of Chapter IX Outdoors and Indoors. I placed the book on my bedside table in a box for safekeeping as I’m only the third person to read this copy. My curiosity piqued, as it is my habit to read upon retiring for the night, I opened the book to the chapter and page suggested and read the following : “There is a bit of homely philosophy, quoted by Squire Bill Widener, of Widener’s Valley, Virginia, which sums up one’s duty in life : “Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are”.” Being dumbstruck was my immediate reaction, soon followed by peals of laughter that scared the cat off my bed…laughing at myself and at the sly trick she pulled on me. Now then, I must admit that I am rather fond of the misquoted words more so than the actually written ones and it still grieves me that I can no longer in all honesty share them attributed to Teddy. I cannot even attribute those words to Squire Bill Widener as they are not as he said them…if indeed the Squire was not misquoted by Roosevelt himself! I have no idea who actually may have said nor was I able to ascertain the source of the #2 quote that I, and now yourself, have long credited to Theodore Roosevelt. The only other Thought that I can add on this Tuesday is : How many other quotes am I unknowingly misquoting?! Thank-you!

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    • LOL! Oh gosh! Well thanks for setting me straight, dear Ellen. I am sure there are other ones out there as well! Guess we can still just appreciate the quote, even if not 100% sure who said it!
      But now the quotes from Odessa and friends are real! LOL! πŸ™‚


      • A quick revisit to share a story related to this quote. But first, may I commend you on your gracious tolerance of yesterday’s rambling account that can be 100% attributed to my well known Propensity for Loquacity. My Son stopped by very early this morning whilst I was out raking leaves…an act of futility at this point in time. But, I digress. After quickly making myself presentable to appear in public, we went out for breakfast. During our meal I began to regale him with not only the same lengthy tome but also the entire background of it. He listened attentively for quite some time, then after looking at his watch reminded me of his business meeting in a half hour and pleasantly asked if I could give him “the edited version”! I am not known for brevity in my conversational tales and am often, rightfully so, asked for the edited version by my children. It can be done, but is much the same as speaking a foreign language for me…it loses something in the translation! That said, after considerable contemplation of the quote attribution dilemma, I have decided to henceforth offer the true quote as “attributed to Squire Bill Widener by Theodore Roosevelt”. Lengthy, but at least Roosevelt’s contribution is not overlooked! Thank-you!

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