Puzzling Questions Solved

Did you ever wonder what the 3 little pigs have been up to?  Or perhaps you have wondered what the 3 bears did after Goldilocks ran home?  I am glad to provide you with the answers to the questions that have probably been boggling your mind for awhile. I hope you enjoy the answers, and if  you have more questions boggling your mind, feel free to ask!

f711b3bb5b664d4f4a2cc7b573de4003 Meet Peter the first little pig. He discovered the umbrella! Everyone was so proud of him.

7b2fa6f222071d0d67259fc32bd5a7fe Plavio the 2nd  little pig became fascinated with bubbles and as long as he is blowing his bubbles he is a Happy Pig.


Parker became the star of his soccer team, led the team to become World Champs.  I heard that the final game was played against the Wolves and the wolves hung their heads in shame at the end of the game! Walked away, never to be seen again.



Now for the 3 Bears:


b8e8dff7667189fea5b3c172982a0c04 Baby Bear was still hungry since Goldilocks ate all his porridge, so he found some sunflowers.


Mama Bear decided to see if she could wave Goldilocks down and convince her to come back and perhaps they could chat over tea.


Papa Bear was still embarrassed that he had scared Goldilocks away.

But he did find time to soothe himself in the cool lake while pondering on the mysteries of life!









17 thoughts on “Puzzling Questions Solved

  1. Excellent! You’ve made me smile. I always thought that Goldilocks kid was rather a brat anyway. Now, you know I’m always going to be on the side of the wolf, and at the end of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf emerges victorious … what became of him after that? 🐺

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