Tuesday’s Thoughts!

Happy Tuesday! Its supposed to be a rainy day here all day, perfect day to curl up with a book. Or to just watch it rain as you spend time in reflection. I sometimes love watching it storm. The rain coming down so hard as the sky lights up. It can create such a peaceful feeling, even when the thunder roars.

I realized the other day that on Sunday I didn’t share my answer to the question I had posted.Β  For those who missed Sunday’s post, the question was to share a quality of yours that you really like. Just a simple exercise in appreciating ourselves. I thought I would share my answer today. I am thankful for my wit, which keeps me laughing, for we all know how beneficial laughter is! It is a wonderful coping mechanism when you hit the road bumps of life and its just plain fun! So thank you to all the ones who help keep me laughing! Some excel very well at it!Β  Children know how fun laughter is, they laugh a lot more times per day than your average adult does. Be above average today, be like a child!


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