Sunday’s Question



Too many times I believe we are harder on ourselves than we should be! We concentrate more on our faults, and the things we aren’t rather than on the things that we are. We get frustrated at our weaknesses instead of being thankful for our strengths. If we can’t love our imperfect selves, how can we truly love others?

So here is a simple exercise for you. What is one thing that you really like about yourself? One quality that you have that makes you smile and feel good about yourself.Β  Β Share it with us, remind yourself that you really are special. That there is no one more Youer than You!






26 thoughts on “Sunday’s Question

  1. Wow! I have so many awesome qualities, I hardly know where to start.
    I guess humility would head the list.
    I’m very humble about my awesomeness. πŸ˜›

    But all jokes aside ~> great reminder for us to focus on our positives. Thanks, Carolyn!

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  2. I like myself in general … I’m comfortable in my own skin. A few days ago, a friend asked me if I love myself. No, I don’t suppose I ‘love’ myself, but I like myself … I go to bed with a clear conscience at night, knowing I gave the day the best I had to give. So, to answer the question … what do I like about myself? That I care. I care about other humans, I care about animals, I care about the bumblebee in my flowers, about the poor cricket who mistakenly entered my home and got into a tussle with my cat. I care about the planet and the environment. That is the thing I hope I never lose … caring.

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